From simple to complex, strategy to implementation, we’ve got you covered.

ECHO’s involvement with Salesforce began in 2005 when we completed our first implementation. Since then, we have continued to grow our Salesforce practice and have successfully completed over 200 implementations and integrations. ECHO works with both nonprofit and for-profit organizations of all sizes, and we believe our experience and learnings in each one benefits the other. We offer implementation, integration and administrator support services as a Impact Partner and Salesforce Registered Partner. ECHO specializes in Nonprofit Cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, and Pardot.

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ECHO makes Salesforce fit like a glove. For now and the future. The Salesforce platform can do so much, right out of the box. We love leveraging the native features of the platform when possible. When we need to, we customize just the right aspects to meet clients needs. From custom objects and fields to workflow rules, automated emails and tasks, approval processes, user interface, reports, and more, we tailor Salesforce for any organization. 



Let Salesforce open the door to other systems. ECHO’s team of architects and developers can design and build highly integrated applications utilizing the Salesforce API so that organizations can leverage all of their organizational data with the power of their Salesforce platform. 

Administrator Support 


For smaller organizations or organizations with an in-house admin, ECHO can be on call for when you need that extra support. 

Why Salesforce?

No one wants to reinvent the wheel. With so much functionality out of the box, Salesforce is truly a best of breed platform built with industry best practices in mind. The benefits of Salesforce can be distilled to four things: 


  • Functionality: No matter what industry your organization is in, Salesforce offers robust features and functionality natively. New features and solutions are released constantly based on community requests to provide organizations with more capabilities to meet their business goals.


  • Flexibility: For your more complex business processes where native functionality might not be enough, Salesforce can be customized to meet your exact needs. Salesforce is end user-friendly, meaning organizations can do most customization with clicks, not code.


  • Extendibility: If the functionality doesn’t currently exist and it’s too costly to customize or develop, it probably lives on the AppExchangeWith over 5,000 solutions, the AppExchange is an easy answer to build vs. buy.


  • Community: Salesforce isn’t just a CRM, it’s a community. The Trailblazer Community and Power of Us Hub are places where Salesforce customers can share knowledge, learn and be inspired, and connect with one another. Crowdsource your questions from the millions of users who use Salesforce every day. 

Salesforce is the only CRM platform that can address Layers 2 through 5 of ECHO’s Technology Strategy and Management Framework. Not only is it a business application that can be used across your entire organization, Salesforce provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, workflow and process automation tools, as well as business intelligence through Salesforce Einstein, making Salesforce ECHO’s CRM platform of choice.

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