Your Very Own Salesforce Nonprofit Expert

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Your Very Own Salesforce Nonprofit Expert

Five years ago, I sat around a conference table at Coaching Corps’ office to discuss our upcoming initiative to migrate our fundraising database from eTapestry to Salesforce. I was excited because I had just taken on more responsibility as Coaching Corps’ Salesforce administrator, and this was going to be my first major project. Luckily, this wasn’t my boss’ first rodeo, and she knew that before we did anything, we needed to select the right partner. 

 So began the threemonth process of designing a partner selection rubric, meeting with partners, interviewing them and seeing if they were the right fit. Out of four partners, we chose ECHO for their cost-effectiveness, project management process, and the heavy collaboration they employ with their clients. 

 Six months flew by, and I was processing gifts in Salesforce in just a few minutes, a welcome change to thhalf hour it used to take for each giftMy experience working with ECHO as a Salesforce consultant was invaluableI learned so much, not just about Salesforce but also how to manage Salesforce projects. And most importantly, I learned that having the right team is critical. I would not have survived this project without ECHO as a partner.  

 ECHO’s history working with nonprofits dates back to 2013 when we completed our first Salesforce implementations for The Arc San Francisco and New Door Ventures, organizations we are proud to still work with today. As a Salesforce partner, we hold ourselves to high standards of continuous learning and improvement to provide best-fit solutions to all of our clients, whether its their first or fifth implementation. So we’re proud to say we now have the receipts to back this upECHO is now recognized as a Salesforce Nonprofit Expert as part of Salesforce’s Partner Navigator program. 

 Salesforce’s Partner Navigator program ranks partners based on their technical understanding of Salesforce, project experience, and the quality of their work based on customer satisfaction. In the words of Salesforce, “Experts have proven to Salesforce that they are thought leaders in a cloud or industry vertical. They can handle the largest and most complex projects and achieve the highest standards of customer success. 

 In 2020 alone, our team is on track to complete over 30 nonprofit Salesforce projects and has earned a total of 20 Salesforce certifications in multiple areas of expertise, including Nonprofit Cloud, Pardot, Community Cloud, and Platform Developer. 

 I have a very visceral memory of mestressed after many hours cleaning 10 years of fundraising data in Excel, leaning back in my chair, lifting my arms to cover my eyes, and just sitting in the darkness for a mental break. My colleague walked in, quietly asking those sitting next to me, “Is she meditating?”. Trust me, I was glad to have ECHO to lean on during this time 

 Salesforce migrations aren’t a walk in the park for anyone, and ECHO is here to make those projects just a little bit easier. Now you can rest assured that our wonderful team of consultants and engineers have the experience and qualifications to guide your organization in taking your mission further with the Salesforce platform. Do you have a project in mind? I’d love to hear about it.