Why should Pardot be your Marketing Automation Tool of Choice

Why Should Pardot be your Marketing Automation Tool of Choice

Why should Pardot be your Marketing Automation Tool of Choice

Let’s start with a well known, but often ignored fact – Marketing is crucial to the growth and success of every organization, irrespective of industry or size. But, as customers all over the world evolve so does the marketing landscape. Sohow do you effectively market to your target audience and keep up with the constantly changing marketing trends without losing precious time and money? The answer is simple – by automating your marketing efforts. 

What is Pardot?

Pardot is a powerful B2B digital marketing automation Salesforce toolthat helps organizations increase their customer engagement and boost revenue. It offers CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration, email marketing, lead nurturing and management, lead scoring, ROI (return on investment) reportinganalytics, and AI (Artificial Intelligence).  

Why should you choose Pardot?

Irrespective of whether you are a corporation or a small to mid-size organization, Pardot can be a game changer for you. Here are some of the biggest reasons why Pardot should be your marketing automation tool of choice: 

  • CRM IntegrationHaving your marketing automation tool and CRM connected can help your organization track customer data across both platforms and automate engagements across the various marketing and sales channels based on customer preferences and behavior. This not only enables sales and marketing alignment, but also helps marketing create robust campaigns that deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.  
  • Lead Generation – Pardot helps attract, and target leads across various marketing channels. You can create beautiful and engaging landing pages, smart forms with progressive profiling as well as use search tools and social connectorto fill your funnel with high quality leads. 
  • Lead Management – Pardot lets you intelligently nurture leads by sending emails automatically based on triggers like time, actions (email open, link click, form filled), etc. It also helps identify leads by qualifying them based on lead scoring (determined by prospect activity) and grading (determined by prospect fit)What’s more is that you can automate lead assignments and create one time or dynamic lists using Pardot’s segmentation and automation features. 
  • Email Marketing  Pardot lets you build emails quickly and easily with the visual editor. With responsive, and customizable out-of-the-box templates you can send great-looking emails. Additionally, by using Pardot Engagement Studio you can make sure your customers get the right message at the right time. Pardot also lets you personalize your emails – from automatically adding the recipient’s name based on the recipient list or the ‘from’ address and signature based on the sender, to content within the email itself based on prospect criteria. Another notable feature is that your Sales team can use Pardot email templates to send personalized one-to-one email directly to their hottest leadsthus forming meaningful connections that help convert them to customers. 
  • ROI Reporting Pardot lets you track campaign performance across channelsdraw insights from related metrics, and tie back leads as well as sales opportunities to specific marketing activities. It also lets you understand your sales funnel better and adapt marketing efforts to help close deals quicker. Furthermore, with advanced email reporting, emails are not only SPAM compliant always, but you always get consistent insight into your customer engagement.  
  • Artificial Intelligence – Salesforce’s AI technology, Pardot Einstein, lets you analyze data from both Pardot and Salesforce and use it to prioritize work for your sales and marketing teams. With enough data, Einstein can show you what type of prospects engage the most with your assets in the form of straightforward scores and insights. Furthermore, Einstein Lead Scoring finds prospects that are most likely to become customers based on their persona data (industry, seniority) and Einstein Behavior Scoring informs your Sales team when prospects are ready to purchase, based on their behavior. 

Marketing efforts, when applied effectively, can set you apart from your competition and propel your organization towards success. But navigating through the constantly changing marketing landscape and keeping up with trends as you grow, and scale can be an arduous taskWith Pardot you can automate your marketing efforts – build meaningful connections, generate more leads, and convert them – and still have plenty of time to focus your efforts on other tasks and that will help your organization succeed. Need help with Pardot or looking to integrate it with your Salesforce org? Contact ECHO Technology Solutions!