What Happens When Your Company’s Emails Don’t Work for a Day?

Loss of Email Continuity

What Happens When Your Company’s Emails Don’t Work for a Day?

In our last blog, Is your Organization Doing Enough to Reduce Risk from Email Cyber Attacks, we laid down some facts and data around email threat protection and how security provided by your email isn’t enough to protect you from targeted and sophisticated phishing and spam emails.  

Now that you are thinking seriously about email security, let’s bring another scenario into the picture. What would happen if because of a cyberattack your emails stopped working for a few hours, or even worse, for an entire day? And when the emails do start working again what would you do if a huge chunk of your emails got lost or deleted? It would be a nightmare wouldn’t it!? 

Irrespective of the industry or size of an organization, the repercussions would catastrophic. Imagine if this happens to a nonprofit in the midst of planning a major fundraising event or a startup in the final stages of a critical deal with a huge investor. Don’t laugh it off thinking it will never happen to you because there is a high probability that it will. 

Just recently an email host provider needed to shut down one of its exchange servers for over 24 hours due to a cybersecurity breach. This directly impacted its customers’ ability to access emails during this time, including one of our clients! And this is only one scenario of many that can cause the loss of email services like hardware failures, power outages, connectivity, etc.  

So, think hard and tell us, how long can your business afford to be without email?  And is it prepared for the repercussions that follow—loss of time, money, trust and reputation? If not, it is time to consider mailbox continuity. Not only do continuity services help ensure you have access to your email during such events, but they offer mailbox recovery in the event large sets of mail are inadvertently deleted or lost for multiple reasons.  

ECHO relies on Mimecast for its email continuity service, not only because it is best of breed but also because it is backed by a 100% availability SLA, thus giving us the reassurance of constant and consistent support when (not if) the time comes. Some of the key benefits of Mimecast email continuity are: 

  • Fast deployment and immediate effectiveness 
  • Email access via any browser when your email client is unavailable or down as well as access to live and historical emails. 
  • Access to mailbox folder structure and calendars during an outage 
  • Simplified email infrastructure 
  • Increased user productivity by providing email access via multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, web) 


Email threat protection and email continuity are two critical pieces of the email security puzzle, but without the third piece—security awareness training—all your efforts will be in vain. 44% of organizations that do not conduct awareness training become victims of ransomware attacks. Want to ensure your organization is not among the above 44 percent? Look out for ECHO’s upcoming blog on security awareness training. Need help to evaluate your organization’s email security needs? Get in touch!