The Perfect Match: WordPress & WPEngine

The Perfect Match: WordPress & WPEngine

Having an online presence is key to running a successful organization, and it all starts with a great website. Most organizations use WordPress as a popular content management system, but did you know that’s only half the battle? The other half includes having a website that runs like a well-oiled machine with lightning fast performance, rocksolid security, automatic backups and scalability. And to achieve all this, your website needs to have managed WordPress hosting.  

What is managed WordPress hosting? 

Managed WordPress Hosting is a specialized hosting service for WordPress which tackles all technical aspects of your website. This includes monitoring and security, server upgrades, troubleshooting, backups as well as updates.  

With a good managed hosting service in place, you can take all the guesswork and stress out of maintaining your website and invest your valuable time in other important projects.  

How to select a managed WordPress hosting provider? 

ECHO has been supporting clients with WordPress sites for years, and the most common issues and complaints are: 

  • Keeping sites updated with the latest releases  
  • Slow performance 
  • Security breaches 

To tackle the above issues, you need a managed WordPress hosting provider that has the following attributes: 

  • Excellent support 
  • Easytonavigate user interface  
  • Straightforward migration from one website to another 
  • Automatic daily backups, making it easy to quickly recover from issues or clone a site for development and testing 
  • Fast performance which directly translates quick page access 
  • Top notch security 
  • One-click staging sites and local environments. This means that you can experiment with page layouts, plugins, images and graphics, etc. on your website in a test environment and only implement those changes to your actual website once you’re sure. And all it takes to switch between the two environments is a single click. 

After an extensive review of many hosting sites, we have determined WPEngine to be the best in the business for hosting and supporting WordPress sites. WPEngine gives you the freedom to create amazing digital experiences online without worrySome of the biggest WPEngine benefits are as follows:

    1. WPEngine was built from the ground up to support WordPress providing a fast, responsive experience. This means your website will load quickly and look beautiful whether you open it on your laptop, desktop, mobile device or tablet.
    2. The platform is easy to use with loads of features that go beyond server setup – free theme templates, options to collaborate with other users, etc.
    3. Customer services is excellent with easy access tdedicated support team via phone, chat or email 24/7.
    4. WpEngine is an extremely stable site and downtime is unusual.
    5. WPEngine’s platform provides a high level of robust security out-of-the-box. They are proactive in keeping the WordPress core application updated to the latest release. WPEngine scans your site for unsupported plugins and security vulnerabilities behind the scenes.
    6. They include staging environments and backup services.
    7. Added services like CDNs and dedicated IPs are extremely useful. CDNs allow for rapid content delivery worldwide so that your content can be accessed anywhere on the globe without a time delay. 

Looking for a new hosting provider? Let ECHO help. Not only do we have years of experience hosting WordPress websites, but we can also get you 3 months free when you sign up for WPEngine’s annual Startup, Growth, and Scale plans as an ECHO customer. With ECHO’s strategic partnership, moving to WPEngine is a win-win! Get in touch today and let ECHO take care of the technology so you can focus on what’s important to your business.