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We really believe that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE when creating custom solutions for our clients

ECHO Technology Solutions

The Echo Way

The best thing we can do for our business is to help grow yours

ECHO is truly unique in that we offer both I.T. infrastructure and software development services to our clients. We are the one-stop-shop that really does do it all. We don’t believe in overseeing a set of discrete events and activities and just hoping that they somehow magically work together. The way we manage and build I.T., the left hand and right hand are always in sync.

Our methodology is a 3-step approach:

1. We take control of your system

Infrastructure assessment and short-term improvements/enhancements

In this initial phase, we perform a systems assessment, fix immediate issues, implement processes and procedures for system management, like ticketing systems, asset tracking systems and communication protocols

This is also when we perform security, backup and licensing audits. We’ll serve as your I.T. department, acting as a team that includes a CIO, CTO, system administrators, desktop engineers, network engineers, software developers and everything else that falls under the I.T. department umbrella.

2. Strategic assessment and planning 

The long term plan for growth

After our team is in full control of the system, both users and management can take a break from dealing with day-to-day system issues. We’ll spend some time talking to the management and users, review the I.T. budget from previous years and start working on a 24-month strategy to bring the I.T. in line with your business strategy. We blend this information with our cross industry experience, our technical expertise, technology trends and common sense to come up with your custom plan. All while maintaining full control and system uptime.

3. We make I.T. a strategic asset for your business.

Infrastructure improvement and I.T. alignment with core business strategy. 

Using the plan from the previous phase, we move into implementation. Here’s where our unique combination of I.T. and software teams/practices prove to be an unmatched force for change. This process might take anywhere between a few months and 2 years. Please read our case studies and success stories to learn how we helped our clients increase revenues, reduce costs and promote growth.