The Developer who “Never Backs Down” – Amir Hasic

The Developer who “Never Backs Down” – Amir Hasic

At ECHO we are true believers of Markus Zusak’s quote, “It’s not the place, I think. It’s the people. We’d have all been the same anywhere else.” We believe in our team and feel it is they who make all the difference. And so, at every company meeting, we recognize one of our teammates for their good work, team spirit and ambition. In June, we decided to start a blog series on these ECHO Stars so that “we” (Team ECHO) and “you” (our clients and prospects) get to know these super-achievers a little better as professionals and individuals.  

Amir Hasic, a dedicated software developer, is our ECHO Star this month, for his exceptional work both with clients and with his own teammates. Amir is known as this reliable, hard-working, and adaptable software developer who has a knack for solving problems and taking challenges head on. But very few people (outside of the software development team) know that Amir has an amazing sense of humor and is a movie buff who loves talking in movie dialogues and titles. And he absolutely loves his beautiful Siberian Husky, Dea. We decided to get to know Amir a little better and here is what the conversation was like:

Vashti: Lets, start with the basics. What are the three traits that define you

Amir:  I am zero drama, that’s for sure. I don’t get upset even if something is burning under my feet. I try to be calm and tackle a problem in a level-headed fashion. Apart from that I am confident and hard-working.

Vashti: So, it seems that you don’t crack under pressure and love what you do. Did you always want to be a software developer? 

Amir:  I have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. But to be honest a career a technology is not something I had envisioned for myself. I wanted to be a translator when I was young. I can speak three languages (German, Italian, English) apart from my native language of Bosnian. But Bosnia has a lot of children with bilingual parents, so I was not accepted in the undergraduate program for translation due to the large number of applicants and only a few available seats. My brother had studied IT and since I didn’t want to wait for another year, so I just applied in the same program as him. But once I started the undergraduate IT program, I really started to enjoy it and so I feel now that I made the right decision back then. 

Vashti: Tell me a little bit about what you do at ECHO. What is a typical day like for you?  And what do you like most about it? 

Amir: As a software developer, I’m always working on a lot of different projects. On some I have client interactions and on some there is a PO (Product Owner) involved. I deal with a lot of contact switching, technologies, Salesforce, .Net, IOS development and so on. I develop web apps, iOS apps and even communities for clients. So, my work is a good mix of both front end and back end development and that is what I like most about it.  

Vashti: How do you deal with setbacks or failures?  

Amir: I don’t stop until I solve the problem. I have never rejected a challenge or issue or task because it was deemed difficult. Never back down, that is my mantra. And whenever I do get stuck, I usually take a break from the task at hand to let my mind rest and when I get back to it after some time or the next day, I almost always find a solution.

Vashti: Isn’t that the name of a movie? Do you like movies? What else do you enjoy doing outside of work. 

Amir: (Laughs) Yes, it is! And it was a fantastic movie. Outside of work I enjoy going out with friends and love going to the cinema. In fact, I am a big DC and Marvel fan and love superhero movies. I recently watched Spiderman: Far From Home and really liked it. 

Vashti: That’s great! Coming back to ECHO, who or what inspires you the most? 

Amir: I would say it is my team that inspires me the most. We have a great software development team here at ECHO. A few people that I really look up to are Alen and Harun. They have both worked at ECHO for quite a few years now and have a lot of knowledge as well as excellent leadership skills. Alen is exceptionally good at what he does. When he works on something, just like a machine, he learns it extremely fast and whatever he does, he does it flawlessly. But most importantly he is a great person and mentor. He is always ready to help, effortlessly transfers knowledge and is very easy to work with and for. Harun is also great at what he does. He is the best boss I’ve ever had. He really cares about people. He is the perfect balance of someone with a lot of technical knowledge and experience as well as the right leadership qualities. 

Vashti: So, you just spoke about two driven and successful people who inspire you. But how do you define success?

Amir: My definition of success is very simple and straightforward. At the end of the day if you have managed to do something that was difficult or challenging (however big or small) and made things better at work or in your personal life resulting in you being happy and healthy, then you have achieved success. 

Vashti: Let’s wrap this up with one last question for you. What is your advice to someone looking to pursue a career as a developer? 

Amir: Well, if you don’t like it don’t pursue it because a career in technology is not for everyone. As developers we constantly have to solve a lot of problems. So, only if you are someone who is passionate about technology, enjoys solving problems and has nerves of steel, should you pursue a career as a developer.