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Don't just take our word for it.

ECHO Technology Solutions


Private Start Up

"The key difference with ECHO is they don’t just advise, but they partner and get in the mix so they thoroughly understand the needs of the company, manager, project and ultimately the business. They anticipate the worst case scenario and advice to prepare for it while still meeting the immediate needs or requests at hand.  ECHO brings a team of experts who can walk the walk of the customer and then easily work with the customer in terms they understand to get the job done to ensure complete client satisfaction...ECHO Technology Solutions is an investment worth making and one you’ll never regret."

Manager, Customer Experience, Private Start Up

Retail Financial Services

"Their human element is definitely a key differentiator for them. In 4 years, I’ve called my colleagues with a crisis at extremely odd times, and with ECHO, they are on the phone within 5 minutes sorting out the problem. They call back straight away, very responsive, they get that we are running a business."

Director of Engineering

Healthcare Application Developer

Soldering a capacitor onto a SAS adapter!

"We had a Dell server (our primary file server) connected to a Dell SAN via SAS cables, and the PCI-Express SAS adapter that allows it to hook into the SAN failed causing the whole server to crash.   Dell has very few of the parts in stock and took 3 days just to get the order approved and replacement will arrive Monday.  In the meantime, Ken managed to somehow find the correct capacitor, and then we removed the adapter from the server, and Ken then soldered in the new capacitor and Voila, our primary file server is back online!  In less time than Dell can even get around to finding the part."

Information Systems Manager

Venture Capital Firm

"I have had MANY occasions to reach out to your team and they always come to the rescue, are kind and patient and solve the problem no matter how large or small. Between myself and my boss we call on your group daily and often multiple times daily and I want you to know how grateful I am for them and the grace with which they do their jobs - every one of them!! Their service makes it easier for me to do my job and for that I am truly grateful."

Executive Assistant