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I.T. strategy means fitting a technology solution to your needs, not the other way around.

ECHO Technology Solutions


A smart I.T. system won’t just help you do business. 
It will help you do better business.

We can fix anything. And we enjoy finding solutions to unsolvable technical problems. We are geeks at heart. But this approach doesn’t address the root of the problem. Our purpose is finding the right technology solutions for business problems. Our goal is to eradicate regular breakdowns and fix-its, and create something that runs better and makes your business better.

It doesn't matter what system you use: Windows, Cisco, Mac, Linux, VMware, mySQL or SharePoint. It doesn't matter where it sits (your home, garage, office, data center or the cloud). What matters is how it works for you and your business -- and can we improve it.

We build and support everything from systems that run small home offices to systems that govern large organizations. From MS Exchange servers and SharePoint sites to custom-built Ruby and mySQL systems. We do it all! 

What’s unique about ECHO is our depth of expertise across the entire technology spectrum, but even more, the unique combination of our two practices: I.T. infrastructure and software development. With a focus on business needs as the centerpiece of our existence—and not just technology for technology’s sake—we are a powerful ally that can help you turn your business around or take it to heights you never thought possible.

We focus on Technology as a strategic asset for your business. We don’t engage in cult-wars over Windows vs. Linux, Apple vs. PC, iPhone vs. Android, Exchange vs. gMail, cloud vs. local servers.

We look into your business, your vision, goals, budgets and specifics of your industry and your company. We take the I.T. discussion to the entirely new level and ask what can I.T. do for you?

For CFOs, we ask how often you have to stay in your office until 9pm manually generating reports, invoices and tax forms?  We can automate that.

For lawyers, we minimize your downtime by fine tuning your computer and maybe enhancing your time entry system.

For executive admins and office managers, we know that shared calendars are always a bit of problem. We ensure that Word and Outlook mail merges actually work and we create simple databases instead of Excel spreadsheets.

For investment professionals, we get that you have all your data in spreadsheets, but it takes forever to unify them. We can help. We’ll connect your outlook with your Salesforce with your LinkedIn with your spreadsheet with your database. Believe it or not, it’s actually not that difficult.

For operations managers, we offer full 7x24 support and monitoring of all your productions systems.

For production managers, we suggest a production forecasting system that works 8 - 16 weeks ahead, taking into account seasonality and weather patterns so we can help you minimize your overhead and improve your cash flow.

For users, we make your work life better, easier, more productive, less stressful. We’re nice, too. We will come to your homes to help you with your home office.