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We provide EXCEPTIONAL service and SMART solutions every day and in every way.

Our Team


At ECHO, we aim to develop and deliver the highest quality solutions built by the best caliber of employees. Our innovative team is the driving force behind our company and the special blend of openness, effectiveness, collaboration and precision makes us a rare breed.

Team member

Sejo Jahic

Founder and CEO

Sejo was born a computer geek, although the computers that he would eventually hack were born after him.  He founded ECHO because he believes that smaller businesses deserve the same high-quality IT services that larger companies have.  He built a team of professional and dedicated technology experts that work with small and medium-sized businesses, aligning their client technology resources to their business objectives. Sejo holds a master’s degree in engineering and biocybernetics and fluently speaks three languages.

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Susan Wright

Managing Director, Professional Services

Susan took an unusual route to the tech industry -  via a Masters in Social Work.  At Columbia University she focused on Social Enterprise Administration because she is passionate about using technology to improve employees’ work experiences so they can contribute to their full potential, ultimately maximizing overall organization effectiveness.  As a developer, she enjoys automating processes, improving data validity, and creating pleasant user experiences.  Susan happily joined ECHO in 2014.

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Robert Love

Senior Manager, IT Services

Born and raised in Berkeley and Oakland, Robert is a true native of the Bay Area. After attending college in the Midwest, he returned to California to pursue a career in early childhood education and took a technology detour. Taking advantage of the bourgeoning tech bubble, he worked for Sybase, Inc. and a now-defunct startup. Robert’s natural curiosity about technology and his passion for helping others ultimately led to the launch of his own consultancy practice. He spent the next 13 years running a small IT firm before jumping aboard team ECHO. An avid soccer player, Robert spends what little free time he has acting as a coach for the Eastbay United Soccer Club, or competing in adult soccer leagues.


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Maleea Meden

Director, People Operations

Maleea Meden’s background in psychology has been instrumental in her understanding of business dynamics and employee relations.  She possesses 14 years of human resources experience, focusing on enhancing the employer-employee relationship and building a stronger foundation for its success. Maleea’s pivotal role at ECHO enables her to employ conflict resolution, skill-building, and problem-solving methodology to effect change and to continually improve upon ECHO’s status as an attractive employer. Beyond the world of work, Maleea remains captivated by the study of social psychology and behavioral economics.