Support for the Outstanding Among Us

Support for 3rd Gymnasium in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Support for the Outstanding Among Us

Despite the global pandemic, the Third Gymnasium established an innovative Center of Excellence and Leadership in 2020, designed to recognize, monitor and encourage their most outstanding students. In December 2020, through the Center of Excellence and Leadership, students submitted portfolios presenting  their achievements within education and extracurricular activities.  

A total of 57 applications were received by the commission of the Center for Excellence and Leadership, headed by the director of Third Gymnasium, Senada Salihović. She scored student achievements according to: school success, governance, active participation in school sections and projects. Salihović also considered how they present themselves through their leadership skills and engagement in humanitarian work. Their achievement in school competitions – municipal, cantonal, federal, state and international levels – were also observed. 

After their evaluation, a list of five outstanding young students was compiled – the first three places represented  Selma Salman (IT)Ajna Đapo (social studies) and Kanita Kadušić (IT) 

Treća gimnazija - ECHO Donates Laptops

Kerim Hadžić, a former student of the Third Gymnasium, supported the project  establishing an incentive through the Center for Excellence and Leadership to reward hard-working students. First place participant, Selma Salman was awarded a trip to St. Louis, Missouri (USA). For the second and third place contenders, Hadžić turned to the international company  ECHO Technology Solutions , headed by Sejo Jahić.

In order to contribute to the process of recognizing the tireless effort and commitment of the young students who attend the Sarajevo Third Gymnasium,  ECHO Technology Solutions gifted Ajna Đapo and Kanita Kadušić with two laptops.

The awards ceremony was held on Monday, June 14, 2021 at the Third Gymnasium in Sarajevo. After the ceremony, the school gave a tour and had a meeting that was aimed to discuss future collaborations in an effort to  support students through scholarships, internships, and job opportunities. 

Treća gimnazija - ECHO Meeting

Zina Laganin, Marketing Director of  ECHO Technology Solutions, said that she was honored to have the opportunity to support the  Center of Excellence and Leadership as well as great young students who represent the bright future of the IT industry and Bosnia and Herzegovina itself. The Third Gymnasium has been recognized as a school that trains and improves future leaders of the IT industry. 

Students recognized the importance of the IT sector at the national and global level and are self-directed towards education and ultimately employment within it. This year, the Third Gymnasium has a record number of interested and registered students. With this record high interest, they have had to turn away some qualified applicants since they do not have the means to support all the students.  

Treća gimnazija - ECHO Meets Director

Laganin pointed out that she was especially pleased with the fact that two female students were awarded in the IT department since the field mostly consists of men. She sincerely hopes that other companies will follow the example and continue to support, encourage, and reward deserving students throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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