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As an international team, ECHO is proud to support our community both in the US and abroad.  

Social Impact

As an international team, ECHO is proud to support our community both in the US and abroad.  

Pledge 1%, Giving Back, Community

Pledge 1% Member

In 2020, ECHO joined Pledge 1%, a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a 

key stakeholder in every businessBuilding upon ECHO’s long-standing initiatives and culture of giving back, ECHO will donat1% of profit and 1% of employee time to improve communities around the worldECHO is proud to stand with an impressive network of entrepreneurs and companies across the globe that have committed to philanthropic efforts. To learn more or to take the pledge, please visit 

“Wherever in the world we operate, we are part of Komšiluk and we do Sadaka. The literal translation of Komšiluk in Bosnian and Turkish is neighborhood, but it is used to refer to community, people who take care of each other. Sadaka (the same as the Jewish word Tzedekh) literally means righteousness, but its deeper meaning is giving something without seeking a substitute in return. Both Komšiluk and Sadaka are values that we strive to uphold within ECHO as we help those in our community.”

– Sejo Jahic

Social Impact Abroad

The history of Bosnia & Herzegovina, formerly a part of Yugoslavia, is integral to ECHO’s company values and culture. ECHO CEO Sejo Jahic immigrated to the US from Bosnia in 1996after fleeing the country as a refugee of the Yugoslav War. The effects of war are still felt today, and Bosnians continue to face economic hardship. ECHO is proud to support our colleagues and the country as a whole by providing opportunities for young people in the technology industry. 

Bit Alliance, Social Impact

Bit Alliance Member

In 2018, ECHO became a member of Bit Alliance, an alliance of the biggest software companies in Bosnia & Herzegovina with the goal to educate and create new opportunities in the software industry. Bit Alliance, in cooperation with its member organizations, works with both the academic community and  government to provide quality education and software curriculum for young people, create a favorable and stable business environment to encourage job growthIn 2020, ECHO was selected by Bit Alliance to lead a Salesforce training program for college students. To learn more about Bit Alliance, please visit their website. 

Supporting BH Futures Foundation

BH Futures Foundation works to shape the next generation of change makers by empowering youth through education, technology and leadership. In 2020, ECHO began work pro-bono with BH Futures Foundation to implement Salesforce and assist staff with donor management and fundraising efforts. This is the first Salesforce implementation recorded in BosniaTo learn more about BH Futures Foundation’s work, please visit their website. 

BH Futures Foundation