So Many Gifts, So Little Time! Batch Gift Entry from NPSP

So Many Gifts, So Little Time! Batch Gift Entry from NPSP

Do you have the (great) problem of drowning in gifts that need to be processedThese might be pouring in from your end-of-year direct mail campaign, or you might have collected onsite donations at a recent gala event. Either way, you need to get these gifts into Salesforce and FAST.  

With the biggest fundraising season upon us, we wanted to remind you of one of the most exciting new features of 2019, NPSP’s Batch Gift Entry (BGE)Announced this past JanuaryBGE makes it easy for development staffers to enter gifts quickly and accurately using a grid view directly within NPSP. No more navigating between different screens to enter individual gifts! And because this is now a standard NPSP feature, staff have access to this right out of the box. 

Below are our favorite features of BGE and why it’s such a powerful tool for development teams everywhere. 


Define Default Values 

Users can define default field values for a batchFor example, if all the gifts are onsite donations from your gala, you can easily set both the Donation Date and Campaign Source for the batch since you know the gifts were all made on the same day from the same event. When you enter the gifts, now you won’t have to enter these fields individually for each one!


Prevent Duplicates 

Salesforce will flag if a donor has any open Opportunities or Payments to prevent duplicate gifts. Users can then choose to update the open Payment, create a new Payment, or create a new Opportunity altogether. Remember that gifts are stored on the Opportunity and Payment object. 


Test Batches 

Users can dry run a batch to ensure that gifts will process correctly. This is especially useful if you are entering gifts in multiple sittings. To make sure the previous gifts you entered haven’t changed, you can test the batch and resolve any errors found.  


Copy Batch Settings 

For a direct mail campaign, you might have gifts come in over the period of multiple months and you might be entering gifts from this campaign daily or weekly depending on the volume and your own bandwidth. Users can copy the batch setup (and all those default field values!) from a previous batch so that they can skip right ahead to entering gifts

Edit Gifts Inline 

We all make mistakes when entering gifts, which is why BGE is such a great feature in the first place! If you need to make edits or changes to a gift after it’s saved to the batch, you can use inline editing to do so. 

If you’re ready to enable this feature for your org, be sure to review Salesforce’s in-depth BGE documentation for step-by-step instructions!