We work strategically and holistically to help our clients achieve their

business goals through technology.

ECHO is truly unique in that we offer a range technology services to our clients. From strategy to execution, ECHO offers CIO-level strategic support, managed IT services, software development, and Salesforce consulting for businesses around the globe.


With our clients’ best interests in mind, ECHO serves as an extension of their existing resources as needed or assumes complete management of their IT operations. Depending on the client’s business initiatives and goals, ECHO carefully selects the ideal support team.  While serving as the technology strategy team for our clients, we also become their infrastructure, business application, and development teams


ECHO delivers quality customer experience across the board in the following areas of specialization:

Strategic Support

Building a long-term technology strategy requires an understanding of how technology impacts your business. Aligning business objectives to technological tools can be hard, particularly when you do it for the first time. This combination of technical skills and business insight requires a strong CIO. ECHO knows most organizations, especially smaller ones, simply don’t have the resources or capacity to hire this person in house.


ECHO provides CIO-level strategic support to help nonprofits, law firms, startups, venture funds, private equity groups and others gain the upper hand in the market by recognizing that IT is not cost center, it is not a necessary evil, and it is not a “cost per seat” problem. IT is a tool that can help drive revenues, lower costs and accelerate business growth, and ECHO can work with your organization to build a technology roadmap to achieve all three.

Managed IT Services

ECHO provides extensive managed IT services through a four-pronged approach:

  • On-Site Support: For companies that don’t have any form of IT department, ECHO can act as a provider of choice, offering everything from initial setup to maintenance to support. On-site engineers are available for issues requiring direct contact.


  • Service Desk: ECHO’s service desk provides 24/7 end-user support with average response time within half an hour and average resolution time within two hours. This alleviates time and resource pressure for your organization’s staff while ensuring off-hours coverage and fast response.


  • Network Operations Center: To ensure uptime and network health of your organization, ECHO’s network operations center (NOC) provides 24/7 remote monitoring and management. Patches, upgrades, and troubleshooting are all handled overnight by the expert ECHO staff to maximize system availability and access.


  • IT Architects: ECHO’s IT architects can design and build an infrastructure for stability and scalability, ensuring your organization is on a foundation for present and future needs.

Software Development

ECHO’s software engineers open the door for business application customization. This includes anything from custom data warehouses, reporting applications, and process automation. We’re adept at implementing technically demanding projects with complex business requirements.


ECHO provides deep expertise in a wide variety of technologies, databases, platforms, programming languages, tools and applications, including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft .Net, MVC, C#
  • Tableau and PowerBI
  • SQL Server, MySQL, Pervasive PSQL
  • HTML5, jQuery, CSS
  • PHP: Magento, WordPress, Drupal
  • Android and iOS mobile development

Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce is the leader in CRM tools to increase customer engagement and drive business goals. With our team of certified admins and developers, ECHO helps clients streamline their data and business processes by leveraging Salesforce’s native functionality, flexibility and extendibility through third-party applications. From implementations, migrations and integrations, ECHO makes Salesforce fit like a glove for now and the future, creating a platform that grows with your organization’s needs.


ECHO specializes in Sales Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud, and Community Cloud. ECHO is a Salesforce Registered Partner and a Impact Partner.

Our Methodology

ECHO’s unique methodology provides a holistic view of technology as a strategic business asset. We break down the entire IT spectrum into five different layers, seen in our Technology Strategy and Management Framework. Each layer of technology requires enabling technologies underneath. Building to the highest level of technological sophistication means building up core capabilities first.

The ECHO Process

Every ECHO partnership begins the same way — by getting to know your organization’s mission and model to ensure your IT investment is aligned and prioritized against business goals and initiatives. Through collaborative discussions, we build an understanding of where you are now and where you’re looking to go.


From business strategy, comes technology strategy. We evaluate your IT budget, existing infrastructure and systems, and cybersecurity. We evaluate how IT is currently being managed within the organization, how it is budgeted for, and how resources are allocated within that budget towards both infrastructure and business systems. From there, we work with you to determine the appropriate mix of resources based on our experience and industry best practice. We design a system architecture, implementation plan and budget for a long-term technology roadmap with maximum business impact.


Following your technology roadmap, ECHO provides implementation and ongoing support services. We conduct quarterly business reviews to ensure we’re following the roadmap, and we conduct annual business reviews to ensure our technology strategy is still in alignment with business goals. This cycle means you’re always at the cutting edge while maximizing time and resources. The result is technology that grows and scales with your organization for years to come. To learn more about how we can help, contact us. We’d be thrilled to explore the possibilities with you.