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With Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), nonprofits have access to a ready-made platform to fulfill all fundraising duties and more. No more disparate spreadsheets and duplicative data entry. NPSP gives you the tools you need to gain insight into your donors and connect with them to raise more funds.


You have an important relationship with your donors. Whatever your fundraising goals are, ECHO will work with your organization to customize Salesforce NPSP to streamline your specific business processes to best cultivate those donors into lifelong champions of your organization. 

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Gain a complete view of your donors to better understand who to cultivate and when to send the appropriate ask.

  • View important household or organizational details at a glance, including a summarized giving history.
  • Manage all important correspondence, meetings and tasks with a timeline of the complete activity history with each of your donors. 
  • Track relationships between spouses, friends, colleagues, partners, and more to understand how people are connected to one another and build a network of supporters 
  • Track affiliations between employers and employeesorganizations and board memberscommunity partners and staff, and more to identify opportunities for sponsorships and corporate or foundation giving.  
  • Track pledged and committed individual donations, grants, recurring gifts, in-kind sponsorships, matching gifts, and more so you can easily identify revenue sources for your organization and report on ROI for various activities. 
  • Manage multi-step grant processes and grant deliverables across your organization so you never miss the next deadline. 
  • Collect donations via your website with integrated third-party tools that will sync data to Salesforce automatically so your pipeline is always up to date. 

Manage different types of donations and tag them appropriately to acknowledge donors and allocate funds.

Manage fundraising campaigns and events so
you know exactly what communications went out by donor segment and to whom.

  • Manage parent and sub-campaigns so you can calculate ROI by channel and message, whether it’s an e-blast, mailer or direct ask to individual donors. 
  • Track responses to campaigns so you can see which supporters are the most engaged with your cause. 

Take advantage of NPSP’s 67 reports and 4 dashboards out of the box to report fundraising metrics and ROI.

Customize or create your own reports and dashboards to meet your fundraising needs. 

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Case Studies

Coaching Corps is a nonprofit organization that recruits, trains and supports energetic community members to use sport to teach kids valuable life lessons and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Coaching Corps relies on a mix of individual, corporate and foundation giving to support its mission. Even though it had a fundraising database, the user interface was clunky and outdated.


ECHO helped Coaching Corps achieve its goal of centralizing data and getting rid of manual processes by using Salesforce NPSP. Read More.