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Salesforce can be customized to manage your organization’s programs and streamline business processes so you can deliver more services to those in need. Unlike other systems, with Salesforce, nonprofits can finally store and manage both fundraising and program data in one place to remove organizational silos and increase transparency across teams. 


Whatever your cause is, ECHO will work with your organization to customize Salesforce to streamline service delivery in order to reach more people in need 


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Gain a complete view of your constituents, whether they are clients, volunteers, or community partners, to better understand who you are serving.

  • View important contact or family details at a glance, including customizable summary information.  
  • Manage all important correspondence, meetings and tasks with a timeline of the complete activity history with each of your constituents. 
  • Track relationships between mentors and mentees, case managers and clients, volunteers and partners, and more to understand how people are connected to one another and build a community of supporters 
  • Design a program architecture that best fits your organization’s unique services using pre-built tools or Salesforce customization. 
  • Collect intake, registration or application information via your website with integrated third-party tools that will sync data to Salesforce automatically so you can connect people to services more quickly. 
  • Streamline onboarding processes and communications using Salesforces’ business automation tools to save staff time and increase efficiency. 

Manage multiple programs from one place and follow your constituents’ journeys working with your organization from start to finish.

Create evergreen reports and dashboards to access data in real time and show progress towards goals.

Take advantage of Salesforce’s robust reporting and dashboard functionality to report your organization’s impact to executives and funders. ​

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