Close More Deals

With Sales Cloud, businesses have access to a feature rich platform to fulfill all duties for sales reps, sales leaders, and sales operations. Sales Cloud gives your team the tools needed to gain insight into your 

customers and connect with them to close more deals.


Whatever product or service you provide, ECHO will work with your business to customize Sales Cloud to streamline your processes and nurture customers into loyal champions of your business. 

Close More Deals, Sales Cloud

Gain a complete view of
your customer accounts
and contacts to better understand your target market.

  • View important customer details at a glance, including key contacts, internal strategy conversations, and a summarized purchase history. 
  • Manage all important emails, phone calls and tasks with a timeline of the complete activity history with each of your customers. 
  • Track deals through customized sales processes so you never miss the next step. 
  • Provide guidance to your team directly within the platform to always ensure an accurate pipeline. 
  • Add products and pricing to quickly send a quote to your customer when they’re ready to move forward.  

Manage deals from identification to close.

Customize or create your own reports and dashboards to meet your sales needs.

  • Show sales activity metrics and ROI to sales leaders. 
  • Monitor closed deals, pipeline and forecast by status, rep, team or territory. 

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