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In a private equity environment, automation is everything.

ECHO Technology Solutions

Private Equity

Seven years ago, we helped a small $180 million investment fund with 5 professionals automate one of their LP reports spreadsheets. It was a resounding success. It made their CIO's life easier and they became hooked on automation. Since then, the assets under their management grew 8 times. While we can't take any credit for the success of their portfolio or growth, we are very proud that we enabled them to do it without any significant increase in headcount or cost. There are 9 professionals in the company now. We automated anything and everything that could have been automated: data collection, risk monitoring, daily portfolio reporting, LP reporting and much more. Today, we continue to help them maintain a low I.T. budget, while meeting all SEC regulatory requirement including a fully redundant systems in Arizona for unmatched business continuity planning.