Taking Cloud Security Up By A Notch at Oktane19

Oktane 19

Taking Cloud Security Up By A Notch at Oktane19

Oktane, Okta’s annual four-day conference brought together thousands of technology professionals, developers, product leaders and cloud experts to learn and share knowledge all about the cloud environment and how to best optimize it for users.

ECHO has been attending Oktane for the past three years and each year has been better than the one before. Oktane 19 was no exception. With guest speakers like Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Viola Davis and Frank Abagnale Jr. among others, this year’s conference was power-packed with highly informative and inspiring keynotes. This was on top of the usual immersive Okta keynotes, community networking, certifications, labs, happy hours as well as big announcements of new technologies and applications. Here are some of ECHO’s biggest takeaways from this year’s conference:

  • Okta’s increased focus on frictionless solutions is made possible by connectors that already exist and Okta’s own internal integration efforts. It recently established the Okta Integration Network, over 6,000 pre-built solutions to securely connect anything. The catalog is already growing exponentially, addressing everything from application development tools to Zero Trust and password-less solutions. 
  • Okta is providing more tool kits and API access for developers to customize and develop complex business workflows through Automation and Event Hooks and Okta’s new workflow engine. The possibilities are endless, and customers can automate based on application events, security issues and the enhancement of the provisioning and deprovision life cycle from HR Hire to HR Termination. 
  • With Okta’s Advanced Server Access, Okta can support DevOps with the extensive infrastructure environments they support making provisioning and deprovisioning as easy as one click. It supports both the Linux and Window Server environments that are supported on the Cloud IaaS platforms (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform). 
  • ECHO is excited to see more focus on Okta for Good and Okta’s Apps for Good initiatives to help expand and support the nonprofit industry. This allows for community networking and sharing of resources as they become available. 
  • Okta also announced Okta Ventures with a $50 million investment fund that will invest in and cultivate new technologies to solving current challenges with a focus specifically on identity, security, and privacy.

Apart from the above takeaways, there were some truly inspiring keynotes! The ECHO particularly loved was by Frank Abagnale Jr., whose story is the basis of the movie and book Catch Me If You Can. A master con-man and forger, Frank became the most successful bank robber in the history of the United States at age 17. He validated that social engineering is still one of the biggest security threats today and technology is not able to stop it.

Okta is the leader in Identity Management with the vision to connect everyone with everything and the goal of a Universal Identity. Okta is truly an innovative company, which is why Okta is ECHO’s identity management solution of choice. We can’t wait for Oktane20!