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Helping Vitamin Angels take their Work to the Next Level



17 Sep 2015

We here at ECHO love our work, especially when we get to partner with amazing nonprofits like Vitamin Angels.

Vitamin Angels was founded by Howard Schiffer in 1994. Itsmission is to help at-risk populations in need gain access to lifesavingvitamins and minerals; specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and childrenunder five. For example, just 2 capsules of high dose vitamin A a year canprevent children from going blind and save lives.

In its first year, an all-volunteer Vitamin Angels’ staffgave away 100,000 vitamins. Ten years later, they distributed 23.4 millionsupplements. Then in 2005 a tsunami in Indonesia, an earthquake in Pakistan,flooding in Guatemala and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita saw their distributionspike to 100 million. Their volunteer network was tapped and Schiffer could notafford to take out any more mortgages on his home; the organization decided toformalize and bring on full-time, paid staff.

Since 2005, Vitamin Angels has continued to grow. In 2014,its goal was to reach 40 million children in roughly 45 countries (includingthe United States). However, even with a full-time professional staff, in-housetechnology capabilities can be tested—and that’s where ECHO can (and in thiscase did) step in.

It’s not enough to just have tools like Salesforce. Withoutsignificant monitoring and analysis, knowledge and capacity levels can quicklybe reached by staff. ECHO can help organizations fully utilize their softwareto take people management and fundraising to the next level.

We couldn’t be more excited about our new engagement withVitamin Angles and we’re looking forward to achieving even greater impact together!

Check out their commercial here