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ECHO Launches Brand Strategy in Sofia, Bulgaria



1 Apr 2016

In March of 2016, 20 members of the ECHO team gathered to support our brand launch in Sofia, Bulgaria. Similar to the objectives of the brand launch held in San Francisco at the beginning of the year, the goal of the Sofia launch was to familiarize our Bosnian and Bulgarian employees with ECHO’s brand, mission, philosophy, and purpose. To reinforce the partnership component of this marketing initiative,several team-building challenges were held to foster service-oriented support, effectiveness, openness, precision and collaboration.The overarching theme of delivering exceptional service by devising smart solutions was integral to each challenge. Activities included scavenger hunts, landmark location, and photography exercises.

The winning team exemplified the core of ECHO’s approach to exceptional service, and smart solutions. The team donated its award to the Dechitsa Foundation-sponsored orphanage, a local facility designed to enhance the development of its children by building upon their existing talents and strengths. The award provided the orphanage with a one-year supply of much-needed resources.

The brand launch was another example of ECHO’s far-reaching capabilities – its ability to galvanize employees near and far to embrace its core philosophy, and to help bring out the best of our young people in the process.

To see pictures of the event. Click here.