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ECHO Hosts SF Mission Techies Program



11 Sep 2015

Technology does not live in isolation. And neither doesECHO. We’re a part of our community and when our community prospers, weprosper.

That’s why we were delighted to partner with the MissionEconomic Development Agency (MEDA) to host an event for our neighborhood youngadults who are interested in technology careers. We brought them to our office,showed them what it could be like to work in the tech industry, and shared someof our personal stories about how we came to be at ECHO. Each one of us took adifferent path; there is no right or wrong way to the tech field.

One participant, Christian Villarreal, said that he wouldlove to take part again in similar events, noting that visiting ECHO taught himmore than just what it would be like to have a career in technology, but alsomade him think about things such as: storage, security, marketing, as well as“the education pathways to take for a specific occupation.”

We love comments like those we received from Christian. Itmeans our young people are thinking in opportunities and possibilities. And wewant to foster those opportunities through mentoring, internships andnetworking events. Not only because we think it’s the right thing to do, butalso because the tech sector has been slow to embrace diversity and is notreflective of our local community. When asked why he thought such events areimportant, one ECHO employee echoed all our thoughts when he said, “All theyneed is a chance and we are helping them to get this chance!”

Also in attendance was MEDA’s Technology TrainingCoordinator, Leonardo Y. Sosa, who said “ECHOTS continues to support our youngadult participants of our Mission Techies Program by bridging the gap betweenunderserved communities and jobs in tech.”

To learn more about what we are doing for our clients andour community, check out our website!  To see pictures of our event click here.