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ECHO brings Coaching Corps closer to its volunteers.



22 Mar 2016

Coaching Corps is a nonprofit that works in low income communities, connecting over 75,000 kids with trained, caring sports coaches.  This wonderful cause isn’t easy to manage –it takes a complicated logistical effort that weaves the schedules of busy coaches and kids together.

In 2013, Coaching Corps decided that technology was the only way to streamline this massive organizational undertaking.  With ECHO’s help, they implemented Salesforce to keep track of the various moving parts – schedules, volunteers, and kids.

That was a step in the right direction, but it still wasn’t enough.  Most of the Coaching Corps volunteers are college students. This being the case, Coaching Corps found it difficult to stay in touch and consistently get the kind of participation levels they were looking for.  Their calls and emails were being ignored – even willing coaches just weren’t showing up.

In order to operate on the college students’ wavelength, Coaching Corps started to use text messages as an organizational tool.  While text messages were more effective in getting volunteers to events, it was an inefficient way of doing business.  Staff members had the burden of sending the texts themselves and keeping track of the responses.  It just wasn’t scalable.

After talking with ECHO, Coaching Corps decided to integrate automated text messages into its existing Salesforce implementation through Twilio, a text messaging tool. Twilio has the advantage of being low cost (just $0.0075 per inbound or outbound text) and adaptable to any organization’s needs.

Coaching Corps used the ECHO solution to recruit volunteers and maintain contact.  Pushing text notifications about upcoming games and volunteer events really helpedCoaching Corps stay on the radar of the college students they work with everyday.  It also gave the volunteers a way to provide feedback on programs and their impact. 

ECHO’s solution created an entire continuum of volunteer recruitment, schedule coordination, impact measurement – all through an easy to manage text message system. The best part?  It all flows intoSalesforce, creating a record of every interaction which Coaching Corps can use to look at its impact and reach into the community.

ECHO helped Coaching Corps revolutionize its operating model.  Over 7,000 texts have already been sent so far in 2016 – an efficient way of doing business which gives Coaching Corps the ability to focus on the quality of its work rather than dealing with organizational details. And we’re not even finished yet! Coaching Corps and ECHO are still refining the system, learning new lessons over the long term.