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ECHO and Big Picture Learning are at Dreamforce



27 Sep 2016

We are honored to co-present next week at Dreamforce with our client! Big Picture Learining is a nonprofit with the goal of reimagining education by leveraging power of student interest and the social capitol of their community.  Through this, students develop strong bonds with mentors and internships that take place during the school day.  To help with the logistics of the work-based learining model, Big Picture Learning turned to ECHO.  Our incredible team of software developers and engineers at ECHO built ImBlaze, an Internship platform leveraging Salesforce.  

At the Dreamforce presentation, we will discuss how a small nonprofit was able to leverage a relatively small amount of philanthropic support and the existing architecture of Salesforce to build a robust and engaging user experience that is enabling scaling of internship learning, and the disruption of high school education.

See you there on Thursday, October 6th at 11am!