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At tECHO talks, we talked security



30 Jul 2015

ECHO hosted another successful tECHO talk that brought together ECHO clients and staff on July 30. The featured topic was Security Onion.

Security Onion is a collection of open-source network security monitoring tools, e.g. intrusion detection, log aggregation, etc. It’s super easy to install and administer. In fact, ECHO recently installed Security Onion on behalf of a client; it took a mere 30 minutes to deploy and was providing useful information in a matter of hours.

Taking a quick step back, Network Security Monitoring (NSM) is an on-going process to monitor, assess and evaluate what is going on in a network at any given moment. Some behaviors/events that may trigger a NSM warning include: leaking of sensitive data, excessive bandwidth consumption, reputation damage, risky browsing behavior, hacking attempts or compromised hosts.

The goal of Security Onion is to make NSM free and easy. Security Onion provides actionable, logged content and data to help understand and evaluate network security.

For those of you that made it to July’s talk, thanks for coming out to our offices and enjoying good food, good drink and good conversation.

For those that had to cancel at the last minute, we missed you! However, here are some pictures for you and you can still benefit from the knowledge of our Security Onion expert and Principal Systems Architect, Ken Greenlaw. Go here to watch a video of Ken’s talk on Security Onion’s tools and capabilities.

We look forward to seeing you all again in August. Stay tuned for the details of our next talk. And if you haven’t made it yet, remember to sign up to get your invite!