New businesses need strong I.T. foundations

New businesses need strong I.T. foundations

When you’re starting a business, internally-facing I.T. is usually the last thing on your mind.  People build businesses because they have big ideas and profitable dreams – I.T. is the kind of amenity that happens because it must.

Yet more often than not, how you structure your internal I.T. determines the scope and character of your business.  The “ceiling” of a business’s ambitions can only reach as high as its technology systems will allow.  Getting I.T. right from the start is critical to laying the foundation that new businesses need to thrive.

ECHO was approached by just this kind of business – a hedge fund which was in the process of being stood up.  The fund’s managers recognized that their strength was in managing money, not in managing technology.  They didn’t want to deal with servers, cybersecurity, or technical SEC compliance, but recognized that all of these things were critical to the growth path of their business.

An additional challenge:  the fund would have no physical footprint.  Everything would reside in the cloud, since the business would have no office space or server room.  All of the employees would work remotely.

Since no modern business can function without an I.T. infrastructure, ECHO’s engineers had to work on a tight timeframe so the fund could get up and running quickly.  ECHO started by building a cloud infrastructure, complete with redundant servers located at a tier one data center.  This foundation would ensure maximum up-time from the start, all while enabling flexibility of remote access.

Using its established expertise, ECHO built the fund’s infrastructure around compliance with SEC guidelines, along with the Commission’s cybersecurity best practices.  This freed the fund’s managers from the difficulty of retrofitting their systems to SEC standards later on – compliance was built in from the start.  Disaster recovery, an often neglected contingency in I.T. systems, was also included as part of ECHO’s build-out.

Following a successful launch, ECHO continues to support the fund’s I.T. needs.  ECHO provides a 24/7 help-desk which serves the needs of a remote workforce whose technology needs often require quick action.  ECHO regularly meets with the fund’s managers to talk through strategic planning needs, helping the business grow by adjusting its infrastructure to coincide with growth.

I.T. shouldn’t stand in the way of a business’s natural growth trajectory.  Rather, it should empower the business to pursue its goals. As the fund’s managers learned, using I.T. experts like ECHO can allow a new business to focus on its mission and goals instead of focusing on the tools it needs to achieve them.

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