Meet Your Engineer – Dimitar Dimov

Dimitar Dimov- ECHO Star of the Quarter

Meet Your Engineer – Dimitar Dimov

Every quarter at ECHO’s company meeting, we recognize one of our teammates for their good work, team spirit and ambition. Dimitar Dimov, one of ECHO’s dedicated System Engineers, is Star of the Quarter for his exceptional work both with clients and with his own teammates. To most clients he may be a faceless knight in shining armor who works overnight out of Bulgaria. While we are asleep, Dimitar is online every week night (sometimes even on weekends!) to make sure clients always have smooth running IT systems. To get to know Dimitar a little better, we decided to do a short but fun interview with him. Here is what the conversation was like: 

Vashti: Lets, start with the basics. If you were two describe yourself in two short sentences, how would you do it? 

Dimitar:  I’m a tall person with large hands and quick fingers. Those super powers have helped support a lot of customers with the perfect quality of service. 

Vashti:  Those are cool super powers to have. It seems like you love and enjoy your work. What made you choose to become an engineer?

Dimitar: You know, I had a computer since I was very young, and I loved playing and installing games. I think I was about 10 years old when my Windows Millennium broke down and I had to reinstall it and the whole process was so fascinating to me. So, as I became old enough to decide what to do in life, I thought to myself, “Why not do something I liked when I was a child now when I am grown up man?” 

Vashti: You reinstalled your first system at the age of 10!! Wow!  Well your proficiencies certainly seemed to have evolved with age and time. Can you share a little bit about what it is that you do and what a typical day for you is like at ECHO?  

Dimitar: A huge part of my work revolves around monitoring all our customers, performing maintenance for them and solving difficult cases as an Administrator and Engineer. Also, I constantly participate in different projects like Okta and Mimecast. My areas of expertise are Active Directory and Office 365.

Vashti: Who or what inspires you the most?

Dimitar: My manager, Stoyan Koev is my biggest inspiration! When someday I become a manager, I would want to treat my colleagues the same way he treats me and everyone else in his team- with utmost respect. He is patient, always encouraging and a big believer of open communication. Also, ECHO inspires me! It gives me a lot of opportunities to grow and develop myself in different areas.

Vashti: How do you deal with setbacks or failures? And how do you define success?

Dimitar: I feel failure is a must for every individual who wants to grow and succeed in life. It teaches you what not to do and how to do something better. And for me success is defined on the basis of failure. Every time you fail you learn something new, so the path to your success is always paved by your failures.

Vashti: To wrap this up, I have one last question for you. As a seasoned professional what is your advice to engineers who have just started their careers? 

Dimitar: For all the budding engineers out there, my advice is simple, “Make everything with a smile and if it’s not working try better.”