March 2019 Newsletter

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March 2019 Newsletter

Women in Tech: An Interview with Susan Wright

Susan Wright is our rooster! Yes, you read that correctly. ECHO’s Director of Professional Services has a great analogy about her leadership style and though it might have left you baffled for a bit, but believe us it makes absolute sense when she talks about it.  Read about Susan’s unique background, career, thoughts about women in technology, diversity and more in her interview.

19 NTC Takeaways

The nonprofit technology community is big, diverse and hungry for knowledge. Over 1,600 attendees were at the Nonprofit Technology Conference this year, many for the first time, including ECHO! ECHO has been serving nonprofits since its inception, so it was about time we went to NTC (held in Portland this year) to see what the buzz was about. And we are so glad we did, because it was an absolute pleasure and great learning experience. Here are our biggest takeaways from 19NTC.

Add Another Layer of Security to Your Website with Slack

Almost all organizations, regardless of the industry, use Content Management Systems (CMS) to create their websites these days, and one of the most intuitive, advanced and yet user-friendly CMS, both for the website creators and end-users is – WordPress. Similarly, Slack is one of the most popular internal team collaboration tools that is used by most organizations. What if we told you that a simple integration of both these tools can make your website significantly more secure than it is now? Not only would you get notifications every time there is a login attempt on your website but also when there are new updates, blogs and pages. Read more

Latest from the Technology Industry 

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How to set up a VPN

Sales Teams Aren’t Great at Forecasting. Here’s How to Fix That.

Make Customers Happy with Operational Transparency

Technology Tips

Windows 7 End of Support

After ten years, Microsoft is announcing it will end support of Windows 7. This is critical because it means security patches and updates will no longer be available to protect your PC! ECHO recommends your organization make moves now to Windows 10 to ensure your staff are prepared and protected before January 14, 2020. Contact us if you have any questions.

Upgrade to Salesforce Lightning

Starting October 2019, Salesforce will begin turning on the Lightning UI for all instances on a rolling basis to encourage organizations to take advantage of all the benefits the Lightning experience has to offer. Don’t be caught off guard! If you’d like extra help, ECHO can help you plan for a smooth transition.

Special of the Month  

Sproute Partnership

This month we are partnering with Sproute. We tested many SD-WAN solutions and found Sproute to provide a perfect balance between features, performance, ease of management and price. Get in touch if you’re interested and we’ll give you 2 hours of free consulting and if you are a nonprofit you get a special discount from Sproute too.

Mark Your Calendars! 

Nonprofit Budgeting for Technology Webinar

With April just around the corner nonprofits around the US have all their time, attention and money directed towards getting their budgets right.  Nonprofit budgeting can be tricky and even more so when it has to do with technology. We can show you a strategic way to think about your technology budget and how to maximize the impact of your technology investment. Join ECHO’s “Nonprofit Budgeting for Technology” webinar on April 9, 2019 from 11:00 A.M. – 11:45 A.M.  Help us get your nonprofit up-to-speed with all the dos and don’ts of IT budgeting.

Salesforce Community Cloud Nonprofit Use Cases

Next month, ECHO will be presenting on Salesforce Community Cloud use cases for nonprofits with Coaching Corps at the Bay Area Nonprofit User Group. If you want to engage your constituents (donors, volunteers, partners, grantees, etc.) and provide them a unique experience with your organization, this session is for you. Join us on April 10, 2019 from 12 – 1:30 P.M. A light lunch will be provided!

What’s New at ECHO 

Harun is now the Director of Software Solutions!

Harun Residbegovic

Harun has been with ECHO for seven years. He is the co-owner of our Bosnia branch and has been running that office and managing the team since its inception. He is looked up to by his subordinates and peers alike for his immense knowledge of technology, skills, work ethics, keen business sense and exceptional leadership qualities. A change of title for him has been long overdue but till not very long-ago Harun wanted his title to remain Lead Developer because he preferred the software development part of his job over the managerial or administrative stuff. That has changed in the recent past. Harun has not only grown to embrace his management role but also excel at it and it shows in his performance and in the performance of the Software Development Team as a whole. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that Harun is now the Director of Software Development. Congratulations Harun for stepping up to and embracing this new title and role!