Live Webinar: Which cloud security solution works best for your business?

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Live Webinar: Which cloud security solution works best for your business?

Moving to the cloud has always made sense from the perspective of pure cost.  The problem is that even with all of the talk about how cloud computing has “arrived”, it still seems like a security gamble. Where is all this data really?  How secure are the pipelines to and from my information?  How can I be sure when the servers aren’t mine?

Thankfully, the market has responded to the need for cloud-specific security tools.  Companies today produce a wide variety of programs and methods to secure their remotely held information.  The advent of single sign-on makes this all even easier and more functional for users.  But the sudden boom in cloud computing tools creates a second quandary – which of these programs actually works best?  Which deliver the best value?

In a time where we are spoiled for choice in cloud security solutions, it’s important to be a savvy consumer.  Yet if you’re doing your homework on cloud security, it can be hard to parse the different options.  Some offer easy user interfaces but sacrifice on the security side.  Others have such tight security that getting to your information becomes too difficult.

Not to fear, help is on the way!

On Tuesday, February 16th, at 10 a.m. Pacific, Zach Boewer, vice president of information technology at Scale Venture Partners, will be hosting a live, one-hour webinar on his company’s journey to the cloud and what he learned from the experience.  “100% Cloud by 2016: How ScaleVP Secured its Move to the Cloud” will feature a practical run-down of all the cloud security options out there and how ScaleVP weighed their pros and cons.

Here’s the best part:  ECHO’s own 24/7 monitoring and remediation solutions will be featured in the talk!  ScaleVP worked with ECHO to put in place an active, automated cybersecurity platform integrating ScaleVP’s chosen solutions into the company’s day-to-day workflow.  This customization paid solid dividends, making the flow of information seamless to users while offering strong security benefits on the back end.

The result:  ScaleVP now has a cloud management and security system which is responsive, agile, and comprehensive.  Rather than waiting around for a cyber incident to occur, the customized suite of tools (managed around the clock by ECHO) is constantly monitoring the company’s systems, raising red flags when things get dicey.

We hope you’ll join us for the webinar.  Obviously we’re proud to be featured, but it’ll also be a great opportunity for you to learn more about how cybersecurity really works.

You can register for the webinar here.