January 2019 Newsletter – Everything IT!

January 2019 Newsletter – Everything IT!

IT Resolutions for 2019

Technology is a crucial part of our daily lives- both personal and professional. And that is precisely why last year was a reality check for not only tech giants but also billions of people worldwide.

Given the massive-scale data breaches, privacy issues and hacks that shook the world in 2018, cybersecurity and data privacy have become an obvious focus in 2019. But let’s talk facts: How aware and prepared is your organization to deal with cyberattacks or lapses in data privacy? And what about technology measures around IT budgets, incident response, cloud migrations- do you have those in place?

Well if you haven’t done something about it already, now is a good time to start! Having just set foot into 2019 it is important to recover, recuperate and learn from our past technology mistakes. And contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be technology giant or spend millions to have a strong IT backbone. Some simple, yet effective measures and good digital habits are all you need to help you get on top of your technology game.

Check out our Top IT Resolutions for 2019 that will help your organization go from “technologically vulnerable” to “technologically unassailable”.

How Salesforce.org’s Nonprofit Cloud Makes An Impact

Salesforce.org big announcement from last year was Nonprofit Cloud. What is it? Is it the same as NPSP? Our certified expert breaks it down for you and shares how Nonprofit Cloud impacts three nonprofit areas: Marketing and Engagement, Fundraising, and Program Management.

Technology Tips

  • Look out for Salesforce’s Spring’ 19 Release to your instance and our upcoming blog post with our favorite new features!
  • Did you know a 6-character lower case password on average can be cracked with a brute force attack in less than 8 hours.  Just by changing that to lower, upper and special characters will increase that to 2 years. Consider a single sign-on solution and take those worries out of the picture.  End the need of sissified passwords and start using strong passwords that you enter only once.

Newsletter Special

Lightning Readiness Assessment

Is your organization still using Salesforce Classic? If so, you’re missing out! Salesforce releases new features and major enhancements all the time, and they’re all in Lightning. It’s time to upgrade. It doesn’t have to be complicated. ECHO can help run a Lightning Readiness Assessment and put you on the path to Lightning. Get in touch today.

Mark Your Calendars!

Webinar: Cybersecurity Simplified

ECHO’s Cybersecurity Simplified Webinar

With data breaches and cyberattacks happening at the drop of a hat these days it is has become absolutely essential for companies to protect their (and their customers’) private and confidential information. Cybersecurity is no longer a “fancy and intelligent term” that is thrown around to impress clients, but it is in fact the need of the hour for all organizations big and small. We at ECHO understand that and hence are doing a “Cybersecurity Simplified” webinar on February 21, 2019 from 10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. The goal here is to help organizations be better-informed about cybersecurity and better-prepared for cyberattacks and data breaches. Let’s all be proactive instead of reactive!

PS: We are sure you don’t want to miss this at any cost. So, save the date!

See You at NTC? 

Nonprofit Technology Conference

This year NTEN is having its Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Portland, Oregon from March 13th – March 15th and we are ecstatic about it, as should you! After all its three days of connecting with 2,300 nonprofit professionals. You get to interact with change-makers from across the globe, attend immersive sessions, and have loads of fun in Portland, Oregon.

Oh, and did we tell you that we are also presenting? ECHO is leading a session on IT Best Practices and we have some cool stuff to share with you. So, see you at NTC on March 15, 2019 from 10:30am – 11:45am!!

What’s New at ECHO

ECHO is Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certified

Salesforce.org recently released a brand-new certification and we gladly agreed to be a part of the Beta exam that was held for it in December 2018. ECHO is committed to helping nonprofits maximize their Salesforce investment to impact their mission, and we’re proud to announce that ECHO is now a part of the first cohort of Nonprofit Cloud Consultants with three NONPROFIT CLOUD CERTIFIED CONSULTANTS!

Janeth’s 100 Miles

Janeth Badaracco is known for the exceptional work that she does at ECHO as the IT Dispatcher. Her “nothing is impossible” attitude has led to the team constantly envisioning her in a “superwoman cape”. But that is not all that Janeth is known for. She is also an avid trail ultrarunner who loves running all over the country. Janeth regularly participates in races from 50 to 100 miles, but December 2018 was an all-new high as she broke her own personal record by running 100 miles in just 23 hours. Wohoo! Kudos to you Janeth! We hope you set and break many more such records in 2019.

Rachel’s Promotion to Sr. Solutions Advisor

ECHO is growing fast and so are our employees. We are pleased to announce that Rachel Bloom just got promoted to Senior Solutions Advisor. Rachel was driven to achieve this accomplishment and she has really leveled up in 2018. She has worked with a wide variety of clients on a wide variety of projects and continues to be a strategic consultant par excellence”. The team always knows, if Rachel is on a project, it will go well. She already has three Salesforce certifications and is on her way to acquiring more. Congratulations Rachel for this well-deserved promotion!