It’s always hard to say goodbye

It’s always hard to say goodbye

Last week, Apple hosted their annual iPhone event where they revealed their latest addition, the iPhone 7. This device has been rumored about for quite some time and one of the most pervasive rumors was that Apple would be doing away with the headphone jack.

Well, the rumors were true, and the headphone jack is gone. Not dead – yet – but it’s about time for it to play its swan song as analog audio over an aging interface. Apple does offer a few alternatives – headphones with a lightning connector, a lightning to 3.5mm adapter, and AirPods (Apple’s newest Bluetooth headphones).

Not to anybody’s surprise, this change has sparked outrage amongst Apple’s customers. However, this is not the first time that Apple has received negative feedback for pushing customers outside of their comfort zone. In 1998, Apple removed the floppy drive. Ten years later in 2008, Apple released a computer without a CD/DVD drive – pushing that change across the rest of their products over the following years. At first, people questioned that decision just like they are now regarding the headphone jack. In hindsight, it appears that Apple made the right call. Floppy drives were outdated – why have 1.44MB of storage when you could get a 16MB flash drive? Why keep using a CD/DVD drive when you have access to more movies than you could carry in a standard-size carryon via iTunes or Netflix? Apple customers may be upset about the lack of a headphone jack, but think about that while trying to frantically untangle your earbuds as you answer an important phone call.

The point being here is that change is good. Change pushes us forward and forces us out of our comfort zone. In this case, change got us a larger battery,  a much improved camera, a faster processor and a phone that can survive a shallow dunk with it’s new water resistant feature.  You can apply this to I.T. as well. Migrating to a new email system or to a new way of doing things can be hard and often times frustrating. But let’s remember when Apple got rid of an older connector in order to add newer and improved technologies into the same size devices, their customers loved it. Now when you want to listen to music, you can pair your Bluetooth headphones and wirelessly listen to music without dealing with all the annoying cables.

The bottom line is that in order to not be left behind, we have to allow for some change.  But don’t fret, ECHO can help you and your organization adapt to change or better yet partner up with you to make sure your I.T. needs are covered.  So go ahead, put your feet up and carry on with your afternoon tea.