Hristo Yordanov – ECHO’s In-House Security Expert

Hristo Yordanov – ECHO’s In-House Security Expert

It’s time for another “ECHO Star” blog. This month’s ECHO Star is Hristo Yordanov, a dedicated system engineer who is looked upon as the in-house security expert. During his four-year (and growing!) tenure at ECHO, Hristo has proven to be one of our most dependable and technically knowledgeable security experts that we have! He is the go-to person for technical onboarding of almost all the Network Operations Center (NOC) team. He is the driving force behind most of the security tools and processes at ECHO. Hristo’s attention to detail and goal-oriented approach has been beneficial to both ECHO and our clients. And he always goes the extra mile for his clients and teammates. So, we decided it is high time we get to know Hristo a little better. This is what the conversation was like. 

Vashti: To start with, what are the three traits that define you    

Hristo: Well, I have two traits that best define me. Those are: 

  • Ambitious – I love my job and I work hard to reach company goals every day. 
  • Responsible – I always try to give my best to every issue in my everyday work. Sometimes this costs me some free time and hard work but at the end of the day work well done gives me a lot of satisfaction.


Vashti: That’s very well-put. Moving on, you have a master’s degree in computer tomography.  What made you choose a career in technology? 

 Hristo: Truly speaking, I have always been passionate about computers and technology. Since I was a child, I used to love repairing things. Then I went to a technical high school after which I enrolled at the University of Mining and Technology. That is where I developed my skills and I haven’t really looked back since. I still love repairing things. In fact, I repair all the electrical appliances at home. 

Vashti: Wow, so basically it has always been your calling! So, tell me, what is a typical day of work like for you at ECHO?   

  Hristo:  So, my typical day is busy day with a lot of communication and emails resolving issues and tickets that are submitted by clients. The tickets that I get are usually a mixed bag – some are easy like resetting a password or troubleshooting and some are more technical or complicated issues with a server. Either way, there is never a slow or boring day.   

Vashti: What inspires you the most about your work? 

HristoTo be honest, it is my work in itself that inspires me. I truly enjoy what I do. The different cases that come to me to resolve require being up to date in different technical areas. That gives me the opportunity to grow and develop by reading and learning new things every day.  

Vashti: How do you deal with setbacks or failures? 

Hristo: My work is very dynamic, and so failures are part and parcel of itOne needs to stay calm and learn how to deal with these failures in the best way possibleI look at it this way: 

Every failure gives you certain experience and helps you grow. 

Vashti: What is your favorite thing about working at ECHO? 

Hristo: That’s an easy one – it’s the people. I work with a strong team of professionals who I can always rely on when the things are not working out. No matter what we always have each other’s backs. This sort of camaraderie is rare at workplaces these days. 

Vashti: That is so true! Well, I have one last question for you. What is your advice to someone looking to pursue a career as a system engineer?    

Hristo: My only advice is, if technology is your passion do not give up if you face difficulties. Learn and grow and then all your effort will pay off.