How valuable is your technology?

How valuable is your technology?

Most organizations intuitively understand that technology makes us more efficient and productive.  Beyond that, opinions tend to diverge significantly on the value of IT.

Think about how your organization would answer these questions:

  • How much money does your organization spend on IT?
  • How is that budget divided between IT infrastructure, end user support, and business systems?
  • What does the organization get from its IT spending? Or, what is your return to stakeholder on your IT investment?

Nonprofits in particular owe it to their constituents to provide technology that is directly focused on mission needs.  As essential as technology is to any business process, we still think of it primarily as a cost center, a menace, or a distraction.  The real value of technology as an enabler is being lost in the complexity of modern networks.

Technology impacts nonprofits in six major ways:

  • Development – technology helps nonprofits raise more money, more efficiently
  • Program Management – technology increases the reach and scope of your organization
  • Operations – technology improves the efficiency of your program actions
  • Cybersecurity – technology protects the people you care about
  • Metrics and Evaluations – technology helps to measure and demonstrate impact to your constituents and your donors (which in turn generates a virtuous cycle of funding which increases your impact)
  • Marketing and Communications – keeping employees, board, constituencies, donors, volunteers and public all on the same page

Aligning your technology resources with just these six goals will significantly advance any organization’s vision, mission, and strategic objectives.  95% of the organizations we meet have never taken the simple first step of evaluating what technology can do for them.  That’s where ECHO’s unique value lies – in helping organizations focus to achieve their objectives.