How ECHO helped Scale Venture Partners silence the cybersecurity noise

How ECHO helped Scale Venture Partners silence the cybersecurity noise

Scale Venture Partners was bogged down in the morass of cybersecurity.  Like most companies today, they use a lot of different systems.  As the layers of technology increased, so did the complexity of their security challenge.  Additionally, their users were increasingly mobile, compounding the difficulty of keeping every computer up to date and adequately protected against evolving security threats.

The result?  Scale Venture Partners spent so much time and energy on the process of I.T. that they weren’t able to profit from the productivity and efficiency benefits those systems were designed to bring.  They spent so much time chasing the “white noise” of alerts and potential vulnerabilities that they were increasingly unable to move forward on the strategic goals they were hoping to achieve.

Last Tuesday, Scale Venture Partners VP of Information Technology Zach Boewer spoke about how ECHO helped the company move beyond these challenges as it migrated fully into the cloud.

Clearly, something had to be done.  “It’s a full time job to monitor logs and take action,” Boewer said.  “Chasing false positives was a waste of time.  We needed help, quite simply.”  In order to assess his options and move towards a solution, Boewer turned to ECHO.

ECHO took stock of Scale Venture Partners’ systems, looking at their increasingly cloud-reliant architecture and the changing needs of its users.  After evaluating several products, ECHO and Scale Venture Partners landed on AlienVault as the most appropriate solution.

AlienVault allowed Scale Venture Partners to be proactive and secure even as it moved into a more complex cloud environment. The software identifies new endpoints whenever they come into the network, sniffs every line of code, and monitors everything that moves.  ECHO’s experts implemented AlienVault on Scale Venture Partners’ systems, greatly increasing their security profile in the new cloud architecture.

Once the system was implemented, it quickly become clear that Scale Venture Partners would not be able to do all of the necessary cybersecurity monitoring on its own.  AlienVault did its job, identifying a continuous stream of potential weaknesses.  In a way, it did that job too well – prioritizing and then acting on all those alerts would have consumed the basic resources of any I.T. department.  In order to preserve their own sanity, Scale Venture Partners decided to outsource this task.

ECHO’s 24/7 cybersecurity team now does the leg work of watching Scale Venture Partners’ event logs, identifying potential concerns, and responding to alerts which require concrete action.  “I simply couldn’t do this without ECHO”, Boewer said.  By removing the burden of monitoring and responding to cyber incidents from his own team, Boewer’s I.T. staff is empowered to do their real job – managing the network and responding to the company’s needs.

Boewer pointed out that ECHO’s value goes beyond the day-to-day monitoring service it provides.  With its staff of experienced in-house developers, ECHO can help Scale Venture Partners adapt to a rapidly changing cyber threat environment.  If the data point to additional needs or custom work, ECHO is there to make it happen, all without consuming the time and energy of Scale Venture Partners’ own staff.

Want to stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve?  Looking to get out of the incident response business?  ECHO can help.