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Working from home or remotely brings an added challenge to fully supporting you, especially when you are using environments that are not under the management, control and/or protection of your organization. Most companies typically only support your issued laptop. The Home IT Support plan provides the extended IT services necessary to cover the rest of the devices that will indeed impact your work productivity if not effectively supported.    

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Home IT Support Services

Remote Service Desk
Remote Service Desk

Having a team available when you need them to address your issues when they arise are critical to ensuring your continuous productivity. The service desk will work with you to help resolve your issues in a timely manner. If necessary, your issue will be escalated to a senior engineer to address. 

  • Service tickets for tracking incidents
  • Team available via email or phone 
  • Take control screen sharing available
  • 1-hour response time




Network Support
Network Support

Accessing your internet is critical to working remotely. Our team is ready to support you with your network issues from internet service providers to Wi-Fi performance issues. 

  • Working on your behalf to resolve ISP issues 
  • Assessing network bandwidth issues 
  • Troubleshooting network device failures  
  • Assisting with network upgrades and/or replacements
  • Addressing Wi-Fi coverage issues




Printer and Scanner Support
Printer and Scanner Support

Setting up a new printer at home or making sure your devices print can be challenging.  The ECHO team is available to alleviate that frustration and provide the expertise to do it right. 

  • Setup new printers or scanners
  • Add new printers/scanners to your devices
  • Help with failed printing
  • Help remediate other printer issues 






Workstation Support
Workstation Support

Workstations are great when they work, but when trouble occurs, it can be difficult to resolve the root cause of the problem. Issues build up and productivity suffers. The ECHO team has the skills to help you resolve the problems and quickly get back to work at home. 

  • Patching support 
  • Computer builds 
  • PC optimization 
  • Virus removal 
  • Data loss recovery 



Network Monitoring
Network Monitoring*

Having your home network proactively monitored by a Network Operation Center (NOC) team will provide you with the added comfort that your network is in the hands of the experts. When issues arise, the NOC are alerted and, on the job, to remedy the issue(s) and in some cases before you are even aware. 

  • Active monitoring 
  • Device patching 
  • End of life device management 
  • License updating 


* Additional charges may apply 

Antivirus Protection
Antivirus Protection*

Given the increase of cybersecurity attacks, threat detection, real time remediation and ensuring up-to-date services are critical to being protected.

  • Antivirus protection
  • Web threat protection 
  • Ransomware protection 
  • Lightweight & fast performance 






* Additional charges may apply 

Backup Services
Backup Services*

When disaster strikes on your home computer, having a backup is critical to recovering and getting back online. Making sure you have the right solution(s) is important and should be addressed as a high priority to protect you from any possible data loss. 

  • Cloud backup services 
  • Flash drive backup solutions 
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solutions 
  • Image backup services 




* Additional charges may apply 

VPN Online Privacy
VPN Online Privacy*

When working at home or remotely without the protection of the office firewall, it is important to secure your Internet activity. Virtual Private Network (VPN) services running on your home devices will provide you with the added protection to ensure you data is kept private. 

  • Secure internet 
  • Mask your home IP address 
  • Supports multiple devices 
  • Easy to Use



* Additional charges may apply 

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