Hire a database as a consultant! Ours speaks to us via Tableau!

Data Visualization-Tableau

Hire a database as a consultant! Ours speaks to us via Tableau!

If you run a business, chances are that you have  database with company data history. Have you ever considered your database a valuable resource? If not, maybe it is time to look at it in such a way! 

database can be a consultant that helps you with future decision making and helps you learn from previous mistakes or successes. After all, it has been there with you from the very beginningtaking notes about everything the company does and making sure every detail of the business is recorded.  

There is just one thing, database can hide answers and precious information. It requires you to create usable information out of the bare data. 

Tableau Revenue Retention



To get our answers and information at ECHO, we use Tableau. Tableau is a data visualization software that can be connected to numerous databases and provides an insight into data. The great thing about Tableau is its user friendliness and the fact that you can literally start getting answers within a few hours from the first time you run it. Furthermore, it demonstrates trends and charts of the most important KPIs. Surely, more complex analysis will require an experienced Tableau developer, but even a simple report can be of great help to decision makers.

At ECHO, Tableau replaced a lot of manual work and excel spreadsheets. Now it delivers  reports that have a live connection to multiple databases. By combining data from multiple data sources, we were able to develop indexes and get information that we did not even think about previously.

To  questions regarding business, we now answer by showing instead of talking. When the data is quality visualized, it can speak for itself!

Tableau Lost Deals Reasons

What I personally like about working with Tableau is that it provokes to dig deeper into data, to find one more fact about the issue and to present it in a beautiful way each time. I also think that fun is an important spice when any kind of work is done, and Tableau really provides you with that spice.

It would be a waste not to take full advantage of your database and let it lay around without extracting useful information for your business.

And if you need support setting up Tableau as a report system for your Company, make sure to call ECHO!