Highlights from the Dreamforce To You Keynote

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Highlights from the Dreamforce To You Keynote

It’s an annual tradition for ECHO to send a delegation of our team to Dreamforce every year. This usually means flying two or three of our teammates from Bosnia over to San Francisco. Last year, one of our engineers over six feet tall was crammed in a middle seat for a 12-hour flight. That’s dedication! So even though Dreamforce is virtual this year and we won’t be able to meet in personour team still looks forward to this special time of learning, inspiration and connection. 

Dreamforce To You kicked off with Marc Benioff’s keynote address this past Wednesday. Our team tuned in and shared their thoughts 

A Missed Opportunity

Before we get to Salesforce’s exciting announcements, we would be remiss not to mention our biggest critique of the Dreamforce keynote. There was no nonprofit presence and barely any focus on those most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, including the elderly, people of color and small businesses. Most of ECHO’s clients are nonprofits who have had to pivot overnight to be able to continue delivering critical services to underserved populations. With Salesforce’s acquisition of Salesforce.org last year and its commitment to the nonprofit sector, we would have liked to see some representation. Salesforce’s customer showcase for Bentley Motors, a luxury car most people only dream of owning, seemed the most out of touch, and the comments shared on live chat confirmed we weren’t the only ones who felt this way.   

This was a missed opportunity, and we hope the upcoming Dreamforce events shine a bigger light on the amazing nonprofits using the Salesforce platform 

Salesforce and Slack

With its newest acquisition of Slack, Salesforce makes another big move to dominate the SaaS space. Last year, it was Tableau. ECHO uses both Slack and Tableau, and they have been game-changing for our company’s growth and collaboration, especially as a distributed team among four countries.  

We’re excited to see what comes of this acquisitionSalesforce has always had functionality for peer-to-peer and team collaboration, but nothing compares to the conversational and social aspects of Slack. This has a lot of potential for Salesforce Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud). While Chatter is great and many of our clients use it successfully, it is limited and best suited for a more forum-style channel. The need for direct messages within Communities is also something we’re seeing more of in our client projects, and Slack would provide this and more.  

Not to mention Slack’s integration abilities – this could bring a lot of data into Salesforce that was not captured before. Combine this with Einstein chat bots and predictions, and the possibilities are endless. 


What a name! Very futuristic, eh? Salesforce describes Hyperforce as “a complete re-architecture of Salesforce designed to deliver an even more powerful and scalable platform to support the growth and success of Salesforce’s global customer base. Hyperforce will empower Salesforce customers to securely deploy Salesforce apps and services from anywhere, while using the scale and agility of the public cloud.  

This means Salesforce customers will be able to take their data and store it in the public cloud of their choice, such as AWS, Google, or Azure, in the region of their choice. The most obvious issue Hyperforce addresses is data sovereignty. Data sovereignty is a country-specific requirement that data must not only be stored in a designated location, but also is subject to the laws of the country in which it is collected or processed. 

With GDPR and growing regulations around data privacy, Salesforce is putting more control and flexibility in the hands of its customers. This is especially important for organizations with distributed teams, tying back to one of the keynote’s major themes of working from anywhere. 

The best thing about Hyperforce is that it is fully backwards compatible so existing apps built on Salesforce will continue to run without changes while also taking advantage of the new infrastructure. 

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