Hands Off! Zero-Touch Deployment

Hands Off! Zero-Touch Deployment

For years, setting up a new computer, whether it’s for new employees or rebuilding a computer due to a failure or loss, has been a very tedious process. Employeeare impacted by the time it takes to recover. Companies are pained by the cost it takes to build these computers. User licenses are not always available, having a good backup may be out of date, and adequate documentation on the applications used can be hard to find. Setting up a new computer is longarduous and prone to human errorA computer or any device that is setup incorrectly can lead to performance and productivity issues down the line, which is why this task is usually taken care of by companies’ IT teams who can navigate through these considerations and make sure all boxes are checked.  

We’re excited to see that over the past couple of years, new technology has emerged improving the deployment process considerably, referred to as “zero-touch deployment” or “zero-touch provisioning”. A new computer registered with Apple or Microsoft can quickly be brought to life with all the corporate applications without an IT engineer’s involvementThis can make a huge difference to remote operations across state or international boundaries with no office to be found. Once a standard configuration is established, a computer can be purchased and dropshipped directly to an employeeShe would just power up the computer, sign in, and let the magic begin. All updates, corporate applications and policies are automatically installed, ensuring security and operational standards are the same across all devices no matter where they are. This is a game changer for IT operations and will provide costeffectiveness, better hardware and performance to the workforce and eliminate human error from a rushed setup or a missed update.   

For more information about zero-touch deployment, check out these resources below. 

Microsoft devices: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/windows-autopilot/ 

Apple devices: https://addigy.com/enterprise/ 

Isn’t it time for your organization to get on the zero-touch band wagon? Ask your ECHO representative for more information if you’re interested in taking advantage of this new technology.