Email Address Change Verification for Experience Cloud Users

Salesforce Summer 21' Release Email Address Change Verification For Experience Cloud Users

Email Address Change Verification for Experience Cloud Users

Preparations are underway at ECHO for the Salesforce Summer ’21 release and one particular change will be important to monitor as it may require additional administrator configuration and/or customization to emails sent from Experience Cloud sites. Below are our recommendations on how to best handle this update with resources for further support. 

What is changing?

The Require Verification When Experience Cloud Users, Partners, and Customer Changes Their Email Address update is a safety measure in which external Experience Cloud users will need to verify the legitimacy of a request to change or update their email address. To verify, users will need to click an auto-generated confirmation link sent to them from Salesforce. Once the link is clicked, the email is verified, and the change takes effect. 

When will this change take place?

Release updates depend on your Salesforce instance and will take place starting in May. To learn more about the release schedule, visit the Salesforce Trust site.  

How will this affect my org?

With the release, the Require email confirmations for email address changes setting will be automatically enabled. Users who attempt to update or change their email address after the setting has been turned on will receive a standard, non-branded email. The screenshot below is an example of the non-branded, general template users will receive. 

Salesforce Experience Cloud Email Verification

If a branded experience is preferred, additional customizations will need to be made to the email template to ensure alignment with your organization’s marketing standards. For more information on how to update Experience Cloud email templates, please see below. 

How should I prepare?

Although not required, Salesforce highly recommends email verification in accordance with their security standards. Since the feature will be automatically enforced, we recommend you review your org’s use of the Require Email Confirmations for Email Address Changes setting. If the feature is already enabled, great! You can update the email notification template if needed.  

Detailed instructions on how to customize emails sent from Experience Cloud sites can be found here. If the setting is not already enabled, we recommend first testing it in a preview or other sandbox before using it in a live environment. Also, don’t forget to update the email verification template with your branding, as needed. If the feature is already enabled, but you would like to turn it off, you will need to wait until after the release since it will automatically update.  


For additional support to set up a custom template or for help with your Salesforce org, feel free to contact ECHO Technology Solutions. 

So many new features await the Summer ‘21 release and we hope you’ve found the information on this particular update helpful!