Einstein Bots – A Path to Better Customer Engagement

Salesforce Einstein Bots

Einstein Bots – A Path to Better Customer Engagement

Einstein Bots is a great solution to engage customers and take the burden of repetitive and mundane questions from service agents. It can help talk for you. As part of Service Cloud, Einstein Bots can be a powerful resource and tool for customers to resolve questions and service issues.  

What is a chatbot?

It’s an application that simulates conversation with a real person, inside a computer chat window. But instead of requiring dedicated staff members to engage, the computer program itself can “talk” with a customer. 

What is special about Einstein’s Bots?

Not all chatbots come across as natural or relevant in conversations. Most chatbots that come across as “natural” in conversations rely on AI technology of natural language processing and understanding. Einstein Bots makes use of natural language understanding (NLU) to be smart. Do you remember Watson, the IBM software that won Jeopardy over two of the all-time greatest champions? The key to its success was advanced natural language processing capabilities. With NLU, Einstein can train chatbots to create learning models to understand customer interactions in a chat window.  

Einstein Bots has a direct line to your Salesforce data! Bots can find, edit, and match records to provide and record information for customer conversations. 

Einstein Bots can provide service at any time of day or night, immediately answer specific questions without a wait-time queue, provide consistent service experiences and resources, learn to respond to customers, and free up real human service agents to focus on complex issues that require creativity or teamwork. 

Why does it matter?

"80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services." 

"80% of service decision makers say emerging technology is transforming customers’ expectations of their service organization." 

"51% of agents without AI say they spend most of their time on mundane tasks, versus 34% of agents with AI." 

"64% of agents with AI chatbots are able to spend most of their time solving complex problems, versus 50% of agents without AI chatbots." 

"74% of AI users report reduced agent emails and calls, and three-quarters even credit AI with increased agent morale." 

What does it take to get an Einstein Bot up and running?

As with any customer-facing experience, the most effective bots are planned based with collaboration of different types of stakeholders to determine what service issues to focus on, what content and resources are needed to address those issues, and how to reflect your brand “voice” in the exchange. Once you have strategized those pieces, there are several different ways to set up an Einstein Bot.  

      • You can create a bot from scratch, using a Guided Setup Flow to help you along.
      • You can create a bot from the Intro Template. The template will help you set up a fully featured bot, which can create records like new cases and/or find and update existing records.
      • You can use your Lightning Knowledge base to create a FAQ-based bot.
      • There are also dozens of AppExchange add-ons that deliver pre-set functionality from lead qualification to service schedulers.

Once you have your bot in action, a new Salesforce Labs AppExchange package can provide you with almost a dozen reports with popular bot metrics, or you can use pre-built Tableau reports for metrics. See it in action, refine it, and watch as it helps your customers with what they need and as it frees up your agents to do what they’re best at. 

Note: Einstein Bots requires a Service Cloud license and a Chat or Messaging license. Each org is provided with 25 Einstein Bots conversations per month for each user with an active subscription. To make full use of the Einstein Bots Performance page, obtain the Service Analytics App.