ECHO’s Favorite New Features for Salesforce Winter ‘21

Salesforce Winter 21' Release

ECHO’s Favorite New Features for Salesforce Winter ‘21

General Features

Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant

Now you can drive your Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation from one place thanks to MFA Assistant. The Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant divides your process in 3 phases and provides step-by-step instructions. The Assistant guides you through the entire process and help you get another layer of protection for your Salesforce accounts.  

Multi Factor Authentication Assistant

As an addition now external users can use Authentication by SMS. It’s understandable that for some users’ multi-factor authentication can be complicated procedure. However, from now on logging in securely will be as easy as getting a text message from a friend.

Salesforce Anywhere App

With Salesforce Anywhere App you will stay up to speed and you will be able to collaborate with your team during “new normal” era. By subscribing to alerts you will be able to get updates about changes to the Salesforce data and you will be able to update the data in just a few taps. Salesforce Anywhere is currently in Beta stage and you can sing up for your Org to be updated here.

Using will help you to prepare your business, employees, and facilities for “new normal”. With features like Queue Management you will be able to scale on-site capacity in order to meet urgent needs and ensure compliance with local regulations. Broadcast Messaging will enable you to send faster and more effective reminders (to wear masks) using SMS. This release is bringing us Digital Trust Cards which will allow companies to publish their safety protocols such as social distancing, cleaning guidelines or amenity scheduling in a more appealing way.

Manage Deleted Fields

Previous releases allowed us to manage deleted fields and data only by switching to Salesforce Classic. However, now you can manage deleted fields in Lightning Experience by clicking Deleted Fields at the top of the Custom Fields & Relationships page 

Salesforce Manage Deleted Fields

My Domain

It’s final, all Salesforce orgs must have a My Domain otherwise Salesforce will assign one for you based on your company name. Deploying a My Domain brands your login URL with your My Domain name and this update applies to orgs without a deployed My Domain at the start of Winter ’21. It’s recommended to test out My Domain before this update is enforced in Winter ‘22.  


Winter release will make Flow even more powerful tool. Now you will be able to build flow piece by pieceadd triggers for flows and handle deletion. The best of it is that now you can debug flows as specific user. To simplify the process even more, you can select Freeform or AutoLayout as shown on the picture below. To learn more about the Flow, make sure to watch Flow release readiness webinar on 23rd September.  

Salesforce Flow

Dynamic Forms & Actions

Dynamic Forms & ActionsDynamic Forms will now allow you to create mini page layout which can be placed anywhere using Lightning App Builder. Now, you can configure record details fields and sections inside Lightning App Builder. On the other hand, Dynamic Action will allow you to put an action button on the highlights panel that appears when we want for our users which creates better user experience. For more details check out this video. 

Email Address Change Verification Email

It is such a lovely surprise when instead of standard email you receive personalized email. Now you can even customizthe Email Address Change Verification email.  You can do this from Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Classic Email Templates, and then select Classic Email Templates. 

Salesforce Classic Email Templates

 List Emails at the Ideal Time

New productivity feature brings us advancement of Email Experience and as from now you can send List Emails at the Ideal Time. You can now select the best time to send your email and increase a chance of your email being read at the right time. Previously, scheduling was available only for individual emailsHowever, now you can easily schedule list email just by selecting Send Later and setting a date & time you wish your list email to be send. 

Community Cloud

Community cloud is becoming Experience Cloud, although the name Community Cloud will stay for a while, it’s official. Experience cloud will allow you to use many powerful features which you have adored in Community Cloud. This change will affect all orgs using Community Cloud.

Apply Audiences to Record Detail Pages with Record-Based Criteria

Winter ‘21 release will bring us Apply Audiences to Record Detail Pages with Record-Based Criteria. Now you can determine what people see on record details page using audience criteria based on record fields. This change will affect Lightning communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Essentials, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Managing Pages

Managing your pages will become easier since from now you can navigate you pages to suit your needs. To restructure pages in Experience Builder you must navigate to Pages menu panel and create your own page hierarchy by opening Page Action menu and clicking Add Subpage.

Salesforce Manage Pages

Printable View

Using a Printable View button on record details and record lists in Lightning communities will allow you to get minimalist view for printing. This feature is available for authenticated members of communities and portals.

User settings and User Profile Summary & Image

User settings and User Profile Summary & Image are being replaced in this Winter ‘21 release because we outgrew them.  Instead of that components now you can use Customizable User Settings, User Profile Summary, and User Profile Image instead.


Auto Add

With Auto Add, custom fields that you add to your Salesforce object will be added automatically to all the custom report types based on that object. All custom fields for the Salesforce object will be automatically added into the Fields list and you can drag them to Columns list.

Salesforce Analytics & Reporting

Report Subscription Attachments, now you can subscribe to get latest report results delivered to your email in .xlsx or .csv format. This will speed up the process and make it easier for you to check the latest updates in your reports.

Report Subscriptions Attachments

Verification When Community Users, Partners, and Customers Change Their Email Address

When a user changes an email address, you will be able to Require Verification When Community Users, Partners, and Customers Change Their Email AddressThis feature will be enforced in Spring ‘21 release and this update is for all Salesforce Lightning communities.  


Interactive Email Builder

Interactive Email Builder helps you build consistent emails across your organization. With modern email building and sleek drag & drop feature email templates will get productivity boostEmail builder looks familiar to you because it is built on platform and easy to manage.  Creating and managing Email Template Builder templates is available to users with the Access Lightning Content Builder or Manage Content Builder permission. The most important part is that this Email Builder on Pardot has been unified with the new builder for the whole Lightning platform.  

Pardot Interactive Email Builder

Preview and Test an Email

Preview and Test an Email before sending an email to a large recipient list. This will help you to troubleshoot issue and test out the email on smaller group of people.

Pardot Preview & Test Email

Review Aggregate Email Metrics in Lightning Experience

Review Aggregate Email Metrics in Lightning Experience will allow you to have a look at the rollup metric on email content and email template records. This means that you will be able to get an aggregate view of how certain content and templates are performing. Best thing, no setup is necessary. Engagement metrics will appear on the email template and email content details pages.  

Pardot Review Aggregate Email Metrics


Einstein Search

Einstein Search, will help you boost your productivity and get personalized results based on your activity, locations and other factors. Personalization is generally available for Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities.

Einstein Bots

Einstein Bots will help you automate engagement with customers across channels. As we all know automations is very important these days. If you are wondering should you start using bots, we got you covered.  
    • You should consider using bots simply because it automatically resolves some of the top issues your customers/clients have, and it provides answers within seconds.  
    • You can configure bot to collect data, qualify customer information and handoff to one of the human agents. 
    • The best part is that you can connect bots with existing business processes and configure bot to be triggered to start processes like sending email or creating a record based on the information customer shared.  
    • If you don’t want your bot to sound like a machine, you can use existing customer service data and make you bot intelligently respond to your customers.  

Salesforce Einstein Bots
    • Still not so sure? That is why we saved the best for the end. Einstein Bots have their own templates, you can deploy a real bot within minute and personalize it. The template includes popular Salesforce actions such as creating a case, creating a lead, looking up an order, or adding a case comment to an existing case. 

If you would like to know more about Salesforce Winter ‘21 release make sure to check Release Notes which will provide all necessary information about new features.