ECHO’s Favorite New Features for Salesforce Spring ‘21

Salesforce Spring '21 Release

ECHO’s Favorite New Features for Salesforce Spring ‘21

Although it’s still January, the Salesforce Spring ‘21 Release is right around the corner. On January 8-9, sandboxes were upgraded, and as a result, your organization already got the look and feel of Spring’21 release. Release Date for Spring ’21 will depend on your instance of Salesforce, but the main dates are Jan 16th, Feb 6th, 12th & 13th. Make sure to check the Maintenance Calendar for exact date when your Salesforce will get the Spring ’21 features. Also, a major change happened. Salesforce Release Notes moved to Salesforce Help for more unified user experience. Here we are presenting you with the top features from the Spring ‘21 Release. 

Key Dates for Spring '21


Protect Users from Insecure Downloads in Chrome

Due to recent updates to Google Chrome, many Salesforce features will be affected. Starting in January 2021, Google will be blocking mixed-content rendering and mixed-content downloads. Mixed-content download is when a link to an HTTP site is placed on an HTTPS page. This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce app in all editions. Learn more.

General Features

End of Support for Internet Explorer 11 in Lightning Experience

On December 31st, 2020 extended support for Internet Explorer ended. Explorer users are not banned from accessing Lighting Experience, however now they see a permanent banner indicating that they are on an unsupported browser. Learn More.

Salesforce Anywhere App

With Salesforce Anywhere App you will stay up to speed and you will be able to collaborate with your team during “new normal” era. By subscribing to alerts you will be able to get updates about changes to the Salesforce data and you will be able to update the data in just a few taps. Salesforce Anywhere is currently in Beta stage and you can sing up for your Org to be updated here.

Salesforce for Outlook Is Being Retired Between June 2021 and 2023

After Side Panel action menu being retired, it’s time to say goodbye to the new records button. This means that you can no longer create Salesforce records from Outlook using Salesforce for Outlook and there will be no future enhancements to this tool. Integrating Outlook with Salesforce will be possible through Einstein Activity Capture compatible with the latest versions of Outlook. Learn More.

Legacy Version of the Inbox Chrome Extension for Gmail Is Being Retired March 31, 2021

After March 31, 2021, sales reps won’t be able to log emails, review Salesforce record information, or use Inbox productivity features such as Insert Availability from within Gmail using the legacy extension. Migration to Gmail integration is recommended and it can be done by completing a short Salesforce Setup process. Learn More.


From now on you can make your guidance more engaging by Adding Images to In-App Guidance. Administrators can provide targeted guidance on internal processes using Salesforce by adding animated content. This is especially helpful when introducing new features or reminders when requirements change.


In our previous blog about the Winter ‘21 Release, we mentioned Flow updates. This release brings one mjaor update – Lightning Flow is officially Salesforce Flow. The name is not the only thing that is changing! Refer to the Prior Values of the Record That Triggered Your Flow – Now when the record is updated you can access that record’s prior values in Salesforce Flow by using $Record__Prior to check for changes.

Salesforce Spring '21 Automation

Using variable in record-triggered flows

There is no universal size when it comes to revisited screen component values, luckily now you can Control Revisited Screen Component Values in Flows.

You will be able to enjoy Improved Styling for Flow Screen Components for text, email, phone, address or even picklist components.

Flow Builder will no longer display repetitive warnings in the screen flows.


By using actions in Flow, you can do more with Salesforce Surveys. From now on you can schedule surveys, send reminders, or identify participants who can be invited again to a survey. Sending rule-based surveys to specific participants will help you gather focused data and gain actionable insights. You can even insert a progress bar, so helpful right?!

Salesforce Spring '21 Surveys

Use Action element in the Flow Builder


Now you can Embed Lightning Scheduler Flows into Other Flows and create a better seamless experience for a user by launching an action from a proceeding one. For example, you can ask users whether they want to create or modify an appointment, which then would launch the sub-flow action.

Analyzing Lightning Page Performance on the phone or desktop has never been easier. New tabs in the Page Analysis window will allow you to check the performance for Desktop or Phone so you can design your page for optimal performance on both.

Salesforce Spring '21 Lightning

Lightning Page Performance

WORK.COM was initially released in June 2020 in order to help organizations respond to COVID-19 crisis and adjust to the new normal. In Spring ‘21, Salesforce focused on updating Workplace Command Center which helps keep everyone safe once they return to work. This app also comes with Employee Workspace and Employee Wellness Check which helps to make smart data-oriented decisions about reopening by sending wellness surveys to employees, students, or other stakeholders.  Shift Management helps you track the occupancy of your workplace sites, facilities, and resources while implementing new requirements and post COVID-19 policies.

Salesforce Spring '21

Wellness Check


Renaming Community Cloud to Experience Cloud brings changes to the terminology, documentation and tools you used to build your site. The main user interface will be simplified with all settings staying in the same area for easier transition. Since terminology is changing, Salesforce provided a quick summary:

Salesforce Spring '21 Experience Cloud


Other changes that are being upgraded:

Lightning Components in Experience Builder – Make the most of the improved Related List by adding or removing Drop Shadows in the tile menu component. The drop shadow has always been ON by default. The new Show Drop Shadow option will allow you to choose whether to show drop shadow or not. And since the last release, the Related List component is now mobile responsive.

Developer ProductivityBuild Your Own (LWR) Template will make it much easier to develop websites, microsites and portals just by using the Lightning Web Component programming model. This minimal template will help you by providing custom URL paths for unauthenticated sites, supporting the development of reusable Lightning Web Components, and including Apex and User Interface API support. LWR is the best for developers who are familiar with Salesforce DX, User Interface API, and Apex.

Salesforce Spring '21 LWR Template

LWR template


Streamline Report Creation with Multi-Field Selection – it might be a small thing, however if you spend time creating reports, this can save you a lot of time and effort. In addition to that, you can automatically view the preview of the report. For faster performance when creating reports, you can disable automatic preview updates.

Einstein Analytics Is Now Tableau CRM! Tableau brings to the table analytic capabilities of incredible depth and power. This means that there will be more enhancements in CRM data integration and preparation such as Tableau CRM Data Integration and Preparation, Analytics Prebuilt Templates and Apps, and navigating insights with Einstein Discovery.


Thanks to quickly cloning Campaigns and Related Assets, now you can create a campaign with the same related record as an existing one. You get an enhanced Clone with Related tool for campaign records that includes Marketing Link, Marketing Form, and Landing Pages.

Enhancements for Email Marketing in Spring ‘21 focus on boosting your email retention, analyzing email content, and adding alternate reply-to and send-from addresses.

Pardot Analytics and Reporting are getting an improved infrastructure with every new release. Einstein Behavior Scoring is added to Analytics Setup and to use it you just need to click the link from the Einstein Behavior Scoring setup page. Einstein helps sales and marketing prioritize contacts and leads who are engaging with marketing assets. This feature will help you dig into the big picture.

Pardot API V5 is Generally Available and Pardot User Authentication is Being Retired on February 15, 2021. All users should be using Salesforce single sign-on (SSO).


If your rep wants to track two delivery locations, now you can make it happen. From now on you can Do More with Opportunity Products by creating an object relationship and page layout. This feature was briefly available in Winter ‘21 but it was removed and improved.

Salesforce Spring '21 Sales-Opportunity ProductLookup relationship between object and Opportunity Product

Although we’d like to present every new feature, we’ve hand-picked these favorites just for you. If you want to learn more about the Salesforce Spring ‘21 Release, make sure to check out the Release Notes and let us know what your favorite new feature is!