ECHO Technology Solutions and 123 Form Builder Partner Up

ECHO Technology Solutions and 123 Form Builder Partner Up

123 Form Builder and ECHO Technology Solutions Partner Up to Help Customers Build and Integrate Forms and Surveys in Salesforce.

123 Form Builder, the online form building platform that allows users to connect their forms to any Salesforce object, and ECHO Technology Solutions, a registered Salesforce partner with over 60 years of combined experience, announce their partnership. Their aim is to allow customers to connect their forms to the Salesforce object of their choice and get their data directly in Salesforce.

“We’re excited about our new partnership with ECHO Technology Solutions. We’re all about helping our customers collect and manage the data they need with ease, and we’re aware that being able to connect it to any object they need within Salesforce will help them do just that. We can’t wait to see how customers feel about suddenly being able to do more and be more flexible with their data,” said Florin Cornianu CEO & Founder of 123 Form Builder.

123 Form Builder is a versatile and innovative form builder used by over 2 million individuals and businesses around the world to automate data collection processes and workflows. Users can build forms that are easy to build and even simpler to maintain, all while integrating with more tools than any other online form builder. That means no more time spent exporting, importing, and manually entering data! 123 Form Builder is the ideal choice for safe, secure, fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant data collection, storage and management.

"Partnering with 123 Form Builder will allow ECHO to provide our customers the tools to build dynamic forms, collect and connect data easily to any standard or custom object within Salesforce. We believe that with 123 Form Builder, our customers are able to obtain and manage information from their clients and prospects quicker, therefore achieving better results,” said Harun Rešidbegović, Director of Software Solutions, ECHO Technology Solutions.

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