ECHO makes mobile solutions seamless

ECHO makes mobile solutions seamless

Mobility is making the lives of employees easier, but for employers it’s more of a mixed bag.  Mobile employees can be everywhere and anywhere – a huge boon for productivity and morale.  But for today’s I.T. administrator, mobility is a giant headache.  Keeping track of all that equipment, maintaining connectivity for constantly moving employees, and keeping up all the necessary infrastructure is an increasingly challenging task.

One of ECHO’s clients, a successful San Francisco real estate firm, had joined the mobility revolution but was having a hard time maintaining the technical infrastructure needed to truly take advantage of it.  The firm’s rapid expansion was great for business, but tough on the I.T. staff.  As a consequence, the firm struggled with employees moving seamlessly from office to office – as they often did.

The lack of a central help desk made the mobility problem worse – when agents tried working from a different office, they had no one to call when technical issues arose, resulting in lost productivity.

To scale up its infrastructure for future company expansion and make it flexible enough to cope with the increased demands of a mobile workforce, the company turned to ECHO.

ECHO first developed and implemented a network plan that solved the short term technical integration issues around mobility. ECHO’s engineers set up a network spanning seven sites, including redundant connections to handle peak usage periods.  This gave the company’s network the breathing room it needed right away.

ECHO then turned to building the company’s network of the future.  ECHO’s engineers created the capacity for reliable transmission of voice and data traffic, even as the company expands.  After consulting with I.T. administrators and taking stock of the company’s workspaces, ECHO’s engineers brought together a robust wireless connectivity to account for increasingly congested airspace in the company’s offices.

ECHO also set up a help desk to quickly handle employee mobility issues.  With 24/7 coverage, ECHO offers support for agents in every office, even when they’re on the move.  The result:  less downtime and greater productivity across the board.

ECHO also built the solution with strong cybersecurity protections and controls, ensuring that the mobility and flexibility of the workforce won’t compromise the stability and reliability of the overall network.

With ECHO’s solution in place, the firm’s real estate agents and all their data can now move seamlessly from office to office.  In an industry where being on call is critical to getting and obtaining business, the company’s phone system now allows agents to easily transfer from land lines to mobile phones.  And all of this comes in a more secure network.

Today’s employees and customers expect a mobile workplace that works seamlessly – even effortlessly.  ECHO’s engineers specialize in making that happen.  And we are exceptional at it.  Want to learn more?  Ask us.