ECHO Employee Interview – Šejla Jahić

ECHO Employee Interview - Šejla Jahić

ECHO Employee Interview – Šejla Jahić

What attracted you to ECHO?

I wanted to work for a company where I am not stagnating, and challenges are part of an everyday routine. The fact that I am continuously growing made me stay at ECHO.  

What do you like most about working at ECHO?

At ECHO you will learn everything! I like the fact that there is room for growth. We are a smaller company, meaning that you will learn about all technologies to resolve problems for clients. Most importantly, that is what motivates me – we solve problems. I like the fact that we are reengineering a business process with Salesforce, we are helping people by automatizing monotone processes and limiting manual labor. Working as a developer at ECHO means that you will become familiar with all the levels of organizations and industries, while working with different sectors and using various tools. 

Tell us about your regular working day at ECHO?

Every day is different, but I love preparing for it by organizing my tasks. So, I start my day by checking the JIRA board. While going through it, I am mapping out what is the easiest task to start with so that I can clear out the board and warm up for a new day. The second step is prioritization of tasks and documenting what I’ll be doing to solve problems. Then I start with the most important part – research – to find an adequate solution for our clients. 

What would you tell your friend and potential employees about ECHO?

Join ECHO if you are ready to grow every day, which is not an easy task, but it’s rewarding at the end. Sometimes it will be challenging and difficult, but it’s worth it. Start working here if you love programming, researching, and finding solutions for organizations.  

Working at ECHO means that you’ll feel like a scientist instead of a manufacturer, and that is what I love the most about working here.