ECHO Employee Interview – Alen Husanović

ECHO Employee Interview - Alen Husanovic

ECHO Employee Interview – Alen Husanović

What attracted you to ECHO?

When I graduated, Harun, our Software Development Director approached me. I knew him because he was a success story at our university. Although I didn’t apply at first, after I graduated, he encouraged me to apply, and I did. That was 15 years ago, and the rest is history. 

I was very eager to prove myself and learn programming. 15 years ago, it wasn’t that easy to find opportunities in the software development industry. I am pleased to see that software development is a highly sought-after profession now and that more and more companies are looking to hire great software developers. I am especially proud to see that Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a technology hub and is producing highly talented engineers out of universities, as well as experienced top-notch technology and software development professionals.  

What do you like most about working at ECHO?

I love to work with people, clients especially. Consulting is difficult job, but I love that in this field there are no superheroes. You must listen, communicate and plan if you want to help the client. I love the fact that at ECHO we have a different approach. We work together in order to create the best solution for the client. We push each other daily, while emphasizing the importance of teamwork. Communication is the main reason why we are so close to each other and that creates relaxed atmosphere in the officeECHO helps you grow, pushes you to your technical limit, which makes you competitive in the marketplace.  

Tell us about your regular working day at ECHO?

I usually start my day at around 9 or 10 am. I start my day by reviewing emails and tasks that I need to work on. After the reviewing part is done, I start creating a plan for the day. I try to stick to the plan, but sometimes I need to jump on the calls unexpectedly, which makes every day interestingI use my mornings to meet with colleagues internally and to go through planned activities. After lunch, we like to take a break and play video games or darts in the office. The rest of the day is reserved for client meetings and inquiriesas we adjust our daily schedule to be available to our clients in the US. 

What would you tell your friend and potential employees about ECHO?

You should work for ECHO if you want to grow, and work with a #1 global online CRM platform that is the future of how business applications work. That platform is Salesforce.  You will learn the ins and outs of the services and applications that are offered through Salesforce, and what those can do to transform businesses and achieve unexpected results. We have amazing teammates and the best atmosphere. We push each other and work with each other. We also have amazing clients – an ambitious group of people who respect our opinion. We are the wind in their back, and they motivate us to constantly do better