ECHO Technology Solutions


At ECHO, we are committed to facilitating the best client experience possible. While many companies overlook the importance of the various aspects of project management, we see the big picture. ECHO is there from project conceptualization to execution, overseeing project scope, budget, procurements, risks, communication and stakeholders to properly manage client expectations.

While we follow both classic waterfall and agile methodologies, new customers generally prefer a classic approach, identifying project deliverables and budget prior to project launch.

ECHO can support this classic approach by engaging our Project Management Professionals (PMPs) to help you reach your goals. Our PMPs have earned world-recognized credentials from the Project Management Institute, a certification only bestowed upon senior project managers who have at least 3,500 hours of direct project management experience and who pass a rigorous, standardized test requiring weeks of preparation. As these credentials can only be maintained through annual certifications and additional instruction, you can rest assured that ECHO’s PMP-certified project managers are highly trained and experienced in managing your expectations.

ECHO’s project managers possess the technical experience to properly assess, manage and meet your needs. Please contact us today to determine how we can bring your IT and software development projects back on track.