ECHO and JIRA Agile

ECHO and JIRA Agile

ECHO recognizes the importance of using critical tools to support agile Scrum methodology implementation.  We employ the methodology’s market leader, Atlassian’s JIRA Agile, which is specifically  designed to give our developers and clients the tools to succeed during sprints. JIRA Agile offers 100% transparency for developers, project managers, and the entire client team. Moreover, it holds all team players accountable, identifying defined roles and responsibilities needed to advance the process. Depending on the project, JIRA gives ECHO the flexibility to use workflows customized to meet a particular client’s needs. The following examples illustrate how we address new client issues and needs:

As depicted in the chart above, smaller issues can be addressed and resolved immediately, or moved to a customer project backlog for a future sprint. Backlogged issues are generally those that require significant time to complete, must move through quality control and other approval channels, or require development, staging, and production environments. Unlike backlogged issues, urgent issues can even be added to an active sprint. We track progress through status columns, making it very easy for our clients and team members to determine progress:

Following is one of the workflows our software development team employs:

The workflow chart reflects a clear depiction of the client’s critical role in information gathering and issue approval or rejection in the staging and production environments. This structure is key in keeping all members of the team aware of project status and on the same page as the project unfolds.

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