Do u do txt mkting w Slsfrce? U shld

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Do u do txt mkting w Slsfrce? U shld

Of all the various methods marketing professionals use to keep in touch, texting is fast becoming one of the most attractive. Emails can (and will) be ignored.  Phone calls are regulated, blocked, or (for the younger generation) simply not used.  Snail mail is expensive and all too easily tossed in the recycle bin.  In comparison to all of these options, texting appears to have a clear advantage.  Texts are easy to send, harder to ignore, and are generally more likely to provoke a response.

Texts are not a marketing silver bullet, however.  They can be expensive to send.  And unlike email, it can be difficult to translate texting interactions into customer relationship management platforms like Salesforce.

Thankfully, there are tools available which eliminate some of the down sides of text-based marketing. Twilio is a company which produces APIs for all sorts of communication methods, allowing marketing professionals to integrate customer relations into their strategies in new ways.  Twilio’s tools give organizations the power to organize, send, and track texts more effectively, all while integrating those communications into Salesforce or other customer relationship management platforms.

Let’s say you’re a non-profit which depends on a network of volunteers to staff an event.  Organizing all of those people is a full-time job, and keeping track of all the schedules and interactions can get complicated really fast.  Yet when Twilio’s text API is integrated with Salesforce, organizing all of those volunteers becomes far easier.

Here’s how:  Twilio starts by sending a blast of texts out to potential volunteers at around 1/10 the price of standard text message rates.  When volunteers respond, Twilio’s API can be made to communicate with Salesforce so the responses are matched up with existing records.  Calendars and schedules can be auto-populated, records of interactions with volunteers are updated directly to reflect activity levels, and even opt-out messages can close out records without the need for any additional data entry time.  When the event rolls around, Twilio can also text reminders about the upcoming event using only those who confirmed that they would be there.

The other advantage of using Twilio and Salesforce for text-based marketing is the international angle.  In many developing countries, texts can be the only practical and reliable form of communication and organization.  Texts are also commonly used for banking and other services, making them a more trusted form of communication.  For internationally oriented non-profits in particular, Twilio and Salesforce are a powerful combination.

In order to harness the full power of the Twilio-Salesforce combination, some customization is necessary.  Every organization uses Salesforce just a little bit differently, and integrating Twilio into specific workflows requires that all of the text-based interactions can be properly adjudicated by the software on the back-end.  The up side is that once the system is properly configured, it delivers precise, targeted results which run seamlessly.

Looking to integrate text marketing or outreach into your Salesforce-based workflow?  We can help.