Deployment of foolproof VPN for a large scale retailer boost significant client satisfaction

Deployment of foolproof VPN for a large scale retailer boost significant client satisfaction

One of the most enduring and consequential impacts of the information age is that brick-and-mortar retail has become even more cutthroat.  When customers have the ability to search a competitor’s prices right in the store, or choose not to darken the door of a store at all, retailers have to be on their toes all the time.  When just about every product is becoming commoditized, the customer experience matters more than ever.

While technology did provide the infrastructure for the current retail goods market, it is far from the enemy.  Quite the opposite: embracing technology is perhaps the only way that some retailers can survive the swiftly shifting loyalties of consumers.

In 2010, ECHO was approached by a well-known retailer which has over 150 stores. While they share a common brand and back-end technology systems, each store was independently owned and operated.

Unfortunately, the computing systems responsible for all of the stores’ administrative functions was on the verge of collapse.  The Virtual Private Network (VPN) system had been discontinued by the manufacturer, and was unable to provide consistent connections to the company’s operational systems.  When the VPN went down (as it frequently did), stores were forced to rely on a 1990s-style dial-up connection or use workarounds which required no connectivity.

This had a real impact on customers.  Checkout lines grew long as the cash registers struggled to connect to the company’s main servers and verify transactions.  It also upended the stores’ supply chains and accounting functions, causing friction within the organization.  The stores needed a solution to replace their unreliable communications infrastructure in the near term and plan for expansion in the long term.

ECHO immediately enacted a plan to alleviate the short-term pain of the communications network.  In addition to rebuilding the company’s core VPN network, ECHO also created a cellular-based failover system to ensure 100% availability even if the main VPN connection was lost.

Once the core network was stabilized, ECHO built a system which paved the way for future growth.  In order to create a scalable, flexible technology platform with lower operating costs, ECHO helped the company migrate its systems into the cloud.  When the company moved into a new headquarters building, ECHO engineered a seamless technological transition which ensured that core systems didn’t skip a beat.

ECHO prides itself on these longstanding relationships which empower companies to be nimble in an increasingly competitive retail marketplace.  When it reached beyond the day-to-day problems of an antiquated communication system, ECHO was able to find a technology solution which set the company up for long-term success.

Looking for technology which expands your long-term capacity?  ECHO can help.